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Are You Maximizing The Return On Your SharePoint Investment?

As your core Enterprise Content Management system, Microsoft SharePoint is the portal for all content and collaboration, but that’s just scratching the surface. The key to creating maximum SharePoint value within your organization is to extend the platform to manage all types of work across your business; thus, full work transparency and total work management. With very little investment into your existing SharePoint infrastructure, you can benefit from:

– Integrated work planning and tracking
– Detailed budget and cost management
– Resource capacity management
– All work management reporting and dashboards

In this webinar we’ll discuss the common uses of SharePoint and the areas in which it is underutilized. We’ll demonstrate how you can generate significantly more value by leveraging your SharePoint platform for project, portfolio and work management; therefore, accelerating SharePoint value with total work management!

View to learn how to create value in your organization by using EPM Live together with your existing SharePoint infrastructure. SharePoint Project Management for the masses!