Afidence Inc. Joins EPM Live's Partner Network

EPM Live is very excited about adding Afidence Inc. to our renowned Partner Program. Afidence is Cincinnati’s only consulting firm focusing on the delivery of real business solutions on the SharePoint platform and are known in the IT industry as the premiere “go to” consulting company.  Afidence’s expertise in sharePoint project management and project software will be a valuable asset to EPM Live.

Afidence is an ideal partner for the EPM Live platform as their business acumen and IT expertise has propelled them to the top of their competition.  Afidence approaches every client with the prevailing lens of aligning IT with Business before choosing or deploying a solution.

“In our research of potential SharePoint-based Project Management tools, we found WorkEngine to be a powerful, yet practical tool that enables our clients to implement sophisticated project and work management capabilities, at a price-point they can afford,” says Hogan, President of Afidence.  “Perhaps more importantly, because the solution is based in SharePoint, a collaboration platform utilized by many of our clients, end-user satisfaction and adoption rates are extremely high.”

Deploying EPM Live, transforms the Microsoft SharePoint stack into a more comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Project Management platform. EPM Live includes Demand Management, Portfolio Management, Enterprise Project Management, Operations Management and Business Intelligence components to support the entire SharePoint Project and Work Management lifecycle.

EPM Live’s global network of Partners specialize in both EPM Live and SharePoint technologies and services. Our team of subject matter experts, add-on software applications, and IT professionals are committed to helping you solve your Project and Work Management challenges.