Burn Down Charts – Not Just for Software Development Anymore….

While participating in the recent EPM Live Bootcamp (which was a HUGE success!!), I came across an interesting case study presented by one of our experts that I’d like to share with you. By implementing the Enterprise Cost, Resource, and Work Management capabilities of EPM Live’s WorkEngine product, a prominent telecommunications firm saved over $20M in fines!

Some of the key requirements for this particular WorkEngine Enterprise deployment involved:

  • SAAS solution for the Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management solution
  • Enterprise level Task and Work Management collaboration and reporting
  • Portfolio visibility of all projects, displayed in Gantt views for Projects within SharePoint
  • Enterprise reporting and business intelligence

One of their key work management needs included the need to count the number of Planning, Engineering, and other key tasks by Phase (Not started, In progress, Completed). This data needed to be stored in a time-phased manner so that trends could be graphically displayed in a report. A sample of this report is attached.

For those of you who have been exposed to Agile methodology, you will notice this is very similar to a traditional agile “Burn-Down” report. I found this an interesting approach to leveraging Agile-type reports within a traditional waterfall schedule that was managed within Microsoft Project 2010. Because WorkEngine supports snapshots within their reporting solution, you can create a “Burn-down” or “Burn-up” chart on any SharePoint work items, not just your backlog!! State regulators were so impressed with this reporting method, there are many other vendors that have adopted this same reporting format.

This case study represents how WorkEngine supports true integrated work management to meet all needs across an organization, and provides valuable cost savings!  By implementing WorkEngine Enterprise, the organization avoided millions of dollars in penalties and improved resource efficiency by 40%.

Special thanks to our training department for hosting such a great Bootcamp where all our EPM Live experts could share their knowledge with our customers, partners and internal staff!