PPM for the Enterprise Part 2 – The Importance of Understanding Maturity

In order to make a deployment successful you must know and understand your audience: 

  • Who will be using the tool?
  • What challenges are the users facing with their current processes and toolsets?
  • What benefits are expected out of the tool for each of the user roles?
  • What capabilities are needed to ensure this application will meet the user’s needs?
  • Where does each user fall in organizational project management maturity? 

Introducing a new system that is designed to take an organization from level one maturity to level five maturity in the first phase is destined to fail and will only introduce risks.  Organizational readiness is a critical factor in implementing a PPM system that will essentially make or break your deployment success.  Let’s take a look at all the areas where maturity can be measured.


There is more to PPM design then just defining the various roles in your organization.  You must also understand the functions that each role plays in the business as well as what tools and processes are being leveraged to execute them.  There are many maturity models available to help you determine where your organization and users reside in project management maturity.  I tend to prefer the maturity model published by Gartner for PPM Maturity. 

Maturity can be measured by the tools and processes currently in place as well as the disciplines supported by them.  Again, the faster you move up in maturity, the more risks you will introduce.  When implementing a new system it is always a good idea to start with a transfer of the current processes.  For example, if a user is managing their resources through a list of projects found in an excel worksheet; transfer that same process into the new toolset.  If the user expresses that the same process is also one of their core challenges, make adjustments to that process where needed but start at the same level of process maturity within the PPM application.  As users become familiar with the toolset, it will be appropriate to mature their processes as well as adopt new functionality within the PPM system.  User readiness is crucial.  Enforcing your users to utilize a tool that leverages disciplines and processes that are unfamiliar will only result in user frustration, low user adaption and overall rejection of a critical investment.  Don’t expect to implement a PPM system that will leverage the same functionality for every user; instead, implement a flexible and scalable system that will accommodate all users and allow them to improve their productivity through gradual maturity progression. 

It is wise to not only determine current organizational readiness and maturity but also define a roadmap to ensure your organization has a plan for improving overall maturity to gain better control and management of all project and operational investments.


Similar to users, there are multiple levels of maturity found in system capabilities.  As you define the processes that are currently in place for your users, the capability maturity will also be revealed.  Let’s take a look at some of the common PPM capabilities that will be defined in your PPM system. 

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management includes both the discipline of identifying and selecting the RIGHT projects for your portfolio as well as the ability to effectively manage your portfolio of projects once they have entered the execution phase. Although portfolio selection is critical, many organizations begin with project execution or the managing of project schedules long before they consider the benefits of portfolio selection.  Identifying the right projects for your business may include processes such as determining business objective alignment, identifying risk probability, resource and cost planning, and project portfolio scenario modeling.  For the execution level user, portfolio management may simply be portfolio visibility across all projects and work.  Visibility into project status, resources and costs generates awareness and will help prevent unforeseen risk to maintain a healthy portfolio.  Questions that will help determine portfolio management maturity may include:

  • Will this tool help you manage potential projects?
  • What kind of information is required to accept or approve a project?
  • What is the process for moving projects from proposal to execution?
  • What project and work data must be seen across your portfolio to ensure a healthy portfolio?

Project Management

Projects and work will be the core of your PPM system.  Project management maturity is a critical factor in determining what tools should be implemented and to what level of functionality.  Don’t be surprised if you end up spending the bulk of your design session answering the following question:  How do you define a project?  Most organizations function at a low maturity level.  Maturity can be measured by the processes already in place within your PMO or across your projects.  For example, are processes clearly defined or are they ad hoc?  Do users use the same tool consistently or is everyone on their own when determining what tool works best for them?  It is important here to understand what type of projects and work will be handled in the PPM system and how that work will be defined.  Will you manage that work at the task level, the milestone level, or will projects be entered and tracked at the project level?  Imagine your filling out a document or project charter regarding your upcoming work.  What questions need to be answered and what data needs to be defined?  Once you have clearly identified the information that must be captured for all your projects, define what processes will take place to execute on them.  How will you manage changes, issues and risks?   The level of project detail and the depth of your processes will help determine maturity and corresponding functionality that should be introduced to the business within the PPM platform. 

Schedule Management

In the last discipline area of project management you determined whether or not your projects will be detailed to the task level or will be managed at the project level only.  If you determined that they will be managed at the task level, schedule management is the next necessary topic for design.  This area is critical because we all work differently.  Many PPM tools give you one scheduling option.  This could be a point of failure for many organizations.  Which user maturity level will the scheduling tool accommodate?   For those that fall above or below that particular maturity level, what tool will they use?  User adoption is the only answer for a successful PPM system.  Every user must have the tools necessary to manage their work at their level of comfort.  If I’m a Marketing Director who needs to maintain a simple list of campaigns, there is no question that I will need a different scheduling tool than a Construction Manager who needs to manage the build of a new hospital to code. 

Resource Management

Resource management can mean many things.  Let’s take a look at the various ways resource management can be applied to your PPM tool.  There is much more to this discipline than simply assigning work to a resource.  We’ll take it from the bottom up.  A task or work is put into the system and a resource is assigned.  The resource goes into the system, views his/her work, executes on the work and marks it as 100% complete.  Some organizations stop here in the practice of resource management, but there are many more levels to reveal.  How do you know which resource is available to work on the task?  How do you know if they have the right skill set?  Let’s now work from the top town.  A project has been defined and you need to build a resource plan against it.  You don’t know who is available or who has the proper expertise but you do know what role you need.  You schedule 5 developers over the next 3 months to work on this project.  Now you want to see which developers meet the requirements of your project. 

Cost Management

Let’s move on to cost management.  The following questions should be considered when determining cost management needs for your PPM system.  At what level do you plan your project budget: project or task?  This again will help you determine where the budget data will be entered into the tool.  What types of costs must be tracked?  For example do you only want to track the costs associated with resources, or also other project costs such as purchases, expenses, materials, subcontractors, overhead, etc.?  If the answer to this question is expenses, you may want to design an expense form used to track expenses and apply against your project’s financials.  If your organization isn’t prepared to exercise cost management at the task or work level, don’t.  Start where you are now and then mature your processes as you adapt to the tool.  A system that houses partial data can lead to poor decision making.  How will you know what decisions are necessary when you don’t have the visibility to see where you currently are with your costs? 

Tracking and Controlling

Tracking and controlling is important because it not only defines the data to be tracked but the process for how it will be tracked within the system.  For example, do you want team members to supply detailed progress information about their assignments?  If so, you may want to allow team members the ability to go into their tasks and enter percent complete so that the updates can automate back into your schedule to save time and improve efficiency. 

Are you looking to include timesheets in your PPM system or are you looking to integrate your current timesheet system?  If you do want to include timesheets in the system you will want to make sure that it has been configured to include the proper categories needed to reflect your business needs.  If you were reporting actual hours worked on a weekly basis against projects, would you complete your time entry daily or do it at the end of the week?  This response is also needed to help define your timesheet configuration. 

What work do you want to track?  Is there a requirement to identify and track changes in scope or other issues when project status changes?  If the answer is yes, you may want to define attributes needed for a change request list/log so project owners can easily adapt to those changes and adjust their costs, schedules and resources accordingly.  Do you have a requirement to track project issues and risks? Is there a requirement to track other work items that need to be considered when managing your projects and resources such as service requests, action items, etc.?  Again, data capture must take place for ALL work if it affects your costs, resources and/or schedule. 

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Now that we have addressed the main content needed for project and work definition and management, let’s take a look at some of the outputs that may be considered in your PPM system design.  Some questions to consider are:

  • Do you have reports that you use today that are used for analysis or decision making?
  • Do you currently have a requirement to generate weekly/monthly status report? 
  • Do you have any standard reports required for your projects?
  • What type of information would be useful when viewing project status? 

All of these questions will help you determine what reports and dashboards are necessary to ensure you are getting the outputs required to maximize ROI and optimize value of your PPM and work management system. 

As you can imagine, there are many more questions that can be asked to help you define a detailed business-specific design that is right for your organization.  Other areas that must be considered in design include integration, demand management, workflow and governance and general collaboration needs.  As questions are answered and more questions are generated, make sure you are considering every user and every maturity level.  The level in which you capture data can vary, but ensuring that the system is built to make it easy to capture data COMPLETELY, across all projects and work, is critical for visibility and accuracy.

Keep an eye open next week for PPM for the Enterprise Part 3, “PPM Deployment Tips”.

EPM Live rocks SharePoint TechCon!

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun, and this week at the SharePoint TechCon Conference in San Francisco was no exception. Located at the beautiful Hilton San Francisco Union Square, EPM Live showcased our award winning SharePoint-based enterprise project, portfolio and work management solutions.

Always a great event, the SharePoint TechCon is the largest independent conference in the world for IT professionals, business managers, analysts, and developers.

The passion for all things SharePoint was evident from attendees and exhibitors alike. EPM Live customers and partners sought us out to talk about their experiences using our SharePoint-based project and portfolio management software (PPM). By implementing EPM Live these organizations said they were able to simplify their project and portfolio processes, increase visibility and improve resource management.

I particularly enjoyed speaking with attendees who were new to EPM Live. It’s very rewarding to see their excitement about our products and the possibilities of how it could improve their project and portfolio management. During one of our onsite demos with Practice Director, Jim Patterson, one of the attendees said with conviction “Now that’s money!”  And of course, that’s what we love to hear!

Every day was very busy in the EPM Live booth. People were very curious about how EPM Live could improve their project management processes. EPM Live offers three tiers of SharePoint-based PPM solutions, recognizing that project management is not a one size fits all type of deal.

EPM Live solutions include:

ProjectEngine, a simple online project management tool that makes working together on projects, easy.






WorkEngine, a single solution, that unites all users across your business by providing a common framework for Enterprise Project Management, New Product Development, Application Management and Service Management.








And PortfolioEngine, a SharePoint-based, top-down Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution that empowers executives to make critical business decisions with confidence. 







EPM Live’s PPM solutions are all Microsoft SharePoint-based and seamlessly integrate with other business productivity tools such as Microsoft Project, Outlook and Excel. A perfect balance of scheduling options, project and portfolio management best practices, collaboration tools and reporting provides a simple, yet powerful solution.

Tuesday, EPM Live’s trusted partner K2 was one of the sponsors for a great evening event for attendees and exhibitors at Temple Nightclub in downtown San Francisco. A fun night of dancing and networking with SharePoint peers was the break we all needed!

Wednesday brought the completion to the show and for two lucky EPM Live booth visitors some pretty cool parting gifts. The EPM Live grand prize winner walked away with a 37” Flat Screen TV and our consolation prize winner won a Ferrari remote control car!

SharePoint TechCon, is a great event and we really enjoyed being a part of all the fun and action this year!

EPM Live in Concert! World Tour Dates Just Released!

EPM Live is very excited to announce our newly released, 2012 upcoming events! EPM Live will be attending an array of events throughout the year and around the world! Come out and meet us and see EPM Live’s industry leading SharePoint-based, Project Management Solutions!

To kick off our world tour we begin in San Francisco, California at the SPTechCon Show on February 26th – February 29th. SharePoint TechCon is the largest independent conference in the world for IT professionals, business managers and developers.

Next stop London! EPM Live makes the jump across the pond to exhibit at the Project Challenge spring show in Olympia, London. Attendees to this exceptional event will gain real practical project knowledge and a worthwhile learning experience. With industry leading exhibitors, like EPM Live, and FREE educational presentations to choose from, this event provides an un-paralleled opportunity to learn from leading industry experts. The Project Challenge conference gets you up close and personal with the latest tools, solutions and services at the UK’s biggest and most important project event.

Then it’s back to the states for the Share Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on April 23rd-April 26th. The Share Conference is the world’s only SharePoint Conference designed to help business users address business issues – a vibrant and thriving community where delegates, partners and speakers have important conversations, form lasting relationships and pinpoint new and different ways to use SharePoint to achieve business results.

Up next team EPM Live will be exhibiting at Gartner’s PPM & IT Governance Summit in National Harbor, Maryland on May 21st-May 23rd and at the Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit in London, UK on June 19th-June 20th. We are very excited to be sponsoring this event both in the United States and in the UK; we look forward to sharing our solutions with PPM leaders from around the world! The summit conferences are the must-attend event for senior IT and business leaders tasked with directing program and portfolio management, the project management office and IT governance.

The final leg of the EPM Live in Concert tour takes us to the another renowned Gartner show, the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida on October 21st– October 25th. The Symposium ITxpo is the industry’s largest and most important annual gathering of CIOs and senior IT leads. It delivers independent and objective content with the authority and weight of the world’s leading IT research and advisory organization. It is the industry’s only event to deliver the insights, tools and relationships necessary to create, validate and execute transformative business technology strategies.

Finally we close out our exhibit tour with a bang at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12th-November 15th! Always an exciting and energetic gathering of SharePoint professionals.  The SharePoint Conference will be the conference to learn more about Microsoft SharePoint 2012, the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the internet. Attendees will learn how to apply the latest best practices for building and deploying solutions on the platform and find out how customers and partners are embracing cloud-based services to create value for their organizations. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas; in fact make sure to check out the EPM Live Facebook page for pictures and insights to all these events!

So what will you experience at the EPM Live booth? EPM Live’s industry leading SharePoint-based, Project Management Solutions. EPM Live’s product offerings are helping organizations simplify and become more effective at delivering projects successfully, optimizing resource utilization, and selecting the right work for the most profitable portfolio. EPM Live offers online and on premise Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work management tools for everyone in your organization from individual contributors to executive management.  Designed with usability in mind, EPM Live creates efficiencies and empowers resources to work smart and get more work done.

Here’s a few of my favorite product features!


Our flagship product, WorkEngine ensures that your business executes all projects and all work more effectively, efficiently and timely. WorkEngine automates your processes by leveraging key capabilities to help you effectively organize all your work including the management of tasks, schedules, resources, costs, time and other business critical functions.  WorkEngine helps you reduce costs and maximize resources by offering pre-built solution templates to bring all work into one centralized location, potentially eliminating the need for disparate work specific platforms.

Schedule Management

  • Create clear uncomplicated project schedules online using the online Project Planner. Choose various viewing capabilities to see a simple task list or a detailed Gantt Chart for comprehensive schedule management.






Resource Management:

  • By combing resource workload on both project and non-project work in a single dynamic view, resource managers have a true picture of resource capacity. WorkEngine’s Resource Planner allows resource managers to view resource workload across all work, view resource availability by time-phase, perform what-if analysis on resource workload and availability, and view resources by various attributes such as department, skill, and role.






Cost Management:

  • Leverage unique roll up components to aggregate all project cost data across your portfolio. Built-in cost dashboards provide key performance indicators to drive awareness of cost status.






For the full list of WorkEngine capabilities and our WorkEngine App Marketplace check out the WorkEngine product page.


PortfolioEngine aligns projects and work to your business objectives, to make sure the right investment decisions are executed. Achieving competitive advantage means choosing the right projects to drive the business toward its strategic objectives. With PortfolioEngine you know which projects deliver the highest ROI while maximizing your company’s resources. Resource capacity planning, portfolio sequencing and financial target modeling takes the complexity out of large decisions.  A profitable portfolio leads to a profitable company.

Portfolio Management:

  • With visibility into real-time project investment status, it is possible to monitor progress in terms of actuals and forecasts on key dimensions such as cost, schedules, benefits, and risks and communicate status to all stakeholders. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business by reducing the complexity of managing multiple projects through improves portfolio visibility. Leverage portfolio analytics tools to make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution.





What-if Modeling:

  • Analyze your proposed portfolio against defined financial targets to determine alignment and overall financial impact. Compare defined budgets against proposed projects and make adjustments where needed. Define resource plans for proposed projects and work and analyze the plans against current resource capacity. Leverage intuitive color-coded heat maps to view over allocations and modify dates and sequencing to define the most optimal portfolio. Create resource and financial targets to represent current resource capacity and cost budgets. Compare targets against portfolio scenarios to analyze impacts and make informed decisions.








  • Create a powerful collection of data and centrally manage and distribute reports of all types; graphs and charts, reporting services reports, KPI dashboards and report libraries. Report on all project items from one location including projects, tasks, issues, risks, changes, resources and timesheets.








For a full list of PortfolioEngine’s capabilities, check out the PortfolioEngine product page.

We hope to see you all on our world tour! Click here for more information on these upcoming events.  As events are added to our tour we will be updating our website!

EPM Live Rocked at PMI Global Congress 2011!

Time flew by this week at the PMI Global Congress, held at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, where EPM Live participated as an exhibitor and attendees.  We were surrounded by the excitement, key learning, and a lot of visitors to our booth.  We saw EPM Live customers, EPM Live partners, and met plenty of new faces.

I definitely enjoyed meeting and hearing from customers & partners who stopped by to share their EPM Live experiences.  Conference attendees from PMI chapters, project managers and large organizations from all over the world told us how they are managing projects and work, while collaborating with their teams successfully using EPM Live tools.

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference was our launch of ProjectEngine!  ProjectEngine is an easy to use, online project management tool, that brings project teams together better than ever before.  ProjectEngine provides a central location for project teams to plan, collaborate and track their projects.   A perfect balance of scheduling options, project management best practices, collaboration tools and reporting provides a simple, yet powerful solution.    ProjectEngine is Microsoft SharePoint-based, and seamlessly integrates with other business productivity tools such as Microsoft Project, Outlook and Excel.

Monday evening, we went to the Taste of Texas reception, complete with mock gun draws, a stilt walking cowboy, and delicious Texan cuisine, along the indoor River Walk.

Towards the completion of the conference on Tuesday afternoon, EPM Live gave away some pretty nice parting gifts – a 42” flat screen TV and two Ferrari remote control cars!  With a large crowd gathered around, we drew the names…  Three happy winners walked away with prizes!  Check out the smiles on their faces!

Congratulations to our Winners!


EPM Live Launches ProjectEngine at PMI Global Congress

Next week, the EPM Live team will join project professionals from around the globe in Dallas, Texas at the PMI Global Congress. This event offers project managers the opportunity to network with project management peers and attend over 150 educational presentations. This will be yet another event to add to our Fall Launch World Tour which kicked off in the UK in early September. It has been an exciting launch as we have traveled the world and had the opportunity to connect with many of our customers while learning more about the major trends that are impacting the project management communities.

Next week, at the PMI Congress, we will be unveiling our new and improved EPM Live Product Lines. From simple SharePoint based Project & Work management, to strategic Project Portfolio Management, we offer an variety of applications that help customers manage their work in accordance with their most specific needs.

As PMI Global kicks off, we will be announcing our newest addition to our award-winning product line….ProjectEngine. Throughout our experience with customers, we have found that some customers want to work with more basic features without getting burdened with complex processes, workflow and functionality that exceeds their project management needs. ProjectEngine is a simple, online project management tool that makes working together on projects, easy! ProjectEngine provides a central location for project teams to plan, collaborate and track their projects. A perfect balance of scheduling options, project management best practices, collaboration tools and reporting provides a simple, yet powerful solution.
Key features include:

[unordered_list style=”tick”]

• Project Schedule Management – Project Engine offers you the power of choice!

Task Management


Online Planning

Microsoft Project Integration

• Collaboration – Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency through various modes of communication. Connect to Microsoft Outlook and other business productivity applications to streamline conversations and drive efficiencies.

Create Project Discussion Boards

Share Comments on any Item in the System

Share Project Files for Easy Access and Version Control

Create Project Wikis

• Reporting – Leverage over 30 pre-configured reports and dashboards to gain insight into real-time project status. View project charts and graphs for visual presentation of project performance. Use familiar tools like Excel and Access to export data to create simple customized project reports.

Sign up now for 1 FREE project with unlimited users!

View ProjectEngine Video

I hope to see you there!!!!  Come visit us at booth #916!

EPM Live Launches PortfolioEngine at the Gartner ITxpo!

We at EPM Live are very excited to be participating in the Gartner IT Expo event!  The Gartner IT Expo allows us to network with key IT industry leaders, and access to over 450 sessions.   We are enjoying connecting with our customers at our booth and learning moreabout the major trends that are shaping the IT landscape from Mobile, Context, Cloud and Social.

At the event, we released our new PortfolioEngine product line.  PortfolioEngine is our SharePoint-based, top-down Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution that empowers executives to make critical business decisions with confidence.  With PortfolioEngine you know which projects deliver the highest ROI while maximizing your company’s resources.  Key new features include:
  • Stage Gates: PortfolioEngine allows you to optimize your business performance through pre-built workflow templates for approvals and stage gating. Streamline project approval through workflows to automatically initiate project execution. Easily customize your business processes to meet your approval needs.
  • Portfolio Analytics & Prioritization:  Leverage portfolio analytics tools to make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution.  Gain real-time insight into rich analytics such as color-coded heat maps and portfolio modeling capabilities.  Prioritize based on financial value, strategic alignment, risk or any other business case criterion.

    What-If Analysis

  • Demand Management & Portfolio Selection:  Capture and determine the right mix and sequencing of proposed projects and ideas to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. View various dashboards of proposed work to evaluate which projects bring the most value to the business.


  •  Top-Down Planning: PortfolioEngine offers top-down planning capabilities that are supported with our bottoms-up detailed project and work management capabilities resulting in better business outcomes.


EPM Live plans to launch new SharePoint Project Management capabilities at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011!

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011  is right around the corner!  We at EPM Live are looking forward to this SharePoint event – as it is the most comprehensive SharePoint event in the world hosting over 240 sessions!   Not only will my teammates and I get to connect with customers at our booth and soak up valuable information from the loads of technical sessions, we will get to enjoy attending the private party at Disneyland Park Resort!

At the SharePoint Conference, we are thrilled to unveil our new and improved WorkEngine product.  We continually strive to make your work life easier and to improve the way you manage your work and your projects.  As part of this, we have several new features being released with 4.2.  Here’s a little sneak peak:

  • Online Planner: Our latest release will include a new SharePoint online planner that will support real-time updates from team members, individual and shared work hours, task relationships with predecessors & successors, and much, much more.  Did I mention that it is very easy to use….  and performance is greatly enhanced!!  Create unlimited online planner configurations to map to any SharePoint list.
  • My Work: New and improved My Work web part making it even easier for Team Members to relay status back to Managers.  Team members can access all their information in one spot with new capabilities such as saving personal views and one click auto-complete feature.

  • To improve team collaboration, our new version will include the ability to add comments to any SharePoint List item.  As comments are made, comment icons will appear in our grid to indicate items that have comments associated.  Participants on the comment thread will be notified via email, so you can stay on top of your work items without leaving your inbox!

  • Last but not least, we will be launching our very own Online App Store which will allow our customers to access and deploy new project workspace templates and solutions with just a few clicks with no additional fees!   We want to make your Project & Work Management solution flexible and easy to use!

You can find out more by coming by our booth 553 at the SharePoint Conference 2011 at Anaheim, CA.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Register Now!


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EPM Live Rocks the Gartner PPM and IT Governance Summit

Last week EPM Live sponsored the Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit which took place in our very own sunny San Diego.  Our booth was full of excitement as we spent two days demonstrating WorkEngine’s newly enhanced PPM and IT Work Management capabilities.

WorkEngine was recently rated in the new Gartner Marketscope for Project and Portfolio Management Applications so we had a lot to celebrate as we kicked off the conference on Monday afternoon.  WorkEngine, represented as the “SharePoint Answer to PPM”, drew a large audience interested in expanding their underutilized SharePoint collaboration systems into full PPM solutions.

Although SharePoint-based PPM was a hot topic, so was WorkEngine On-Demand.  As Gartner predicted, SaaS solutions are on the rise and we definitely felt the heat as we answered all of the common SaaS questions that circulated the show floor.  PPM online is definitely the new rage and with WorkEngine’s affordable, quick and easy PPM online solution, the response was incredible!

But for those of you who know us well, it can’t be all work and no play.  EPM Live hosted a rockin’ EPM Live concert event in the historic Gaslamp District Monday night to help attendees wind down from the day’s events.  The EPM Live party limo bus escorted conference attendees to and from the event to give everyone the full rock star experience.  The EPM Live band was there to welcome the crowd as we rocked the night away.  EPM Live partners, customers and conference attendees filled the venue and helped make this year’s conference one of the best!  To check out more party pics from the evenings event, click here.  As for the conference, well, it was top notch!  We hope to see you next year!


EPM Live Gives Back- Bringing SharePoint Project Management to Everyone

It has been a great year for EPM Live! We have so many reasons to be thankful: a rapidly growing client base, healthy and dedicated employees, many noteworthy acomplishments, an endless supply of loyal supporters, and many, many more! It is for these reasons that we are honored every year to give back to our community. EPM Live donates tens of thousands of dollars in software licenses every month to aid non-profit organizations in planning, controlling and executing their projects and work to maximize their contributions to their causes.

Managing projects with minimum resources and little funding requires even more control which is why EPM Live has been supporting non-profits by giving them the tools they need to make their organizations successful. Some of the non-profit organizations that have experienced EPM Live’s give back spirit are listed below:

Operation ShareLove: Support Haiti Earthquake Victims:

The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake, with an epicenter near the town of Léogâne, approximately 25 km (16 miles) west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. The earthquake occurred at 16:53 local time (21:53 UTC) on Tuesday, 12 January 2010. By 24 January, at least 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater had been recorded. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake; the Haitian government reported that an estimated 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless. They also estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings had collapsed or were severely damaged. EPM Live donated free copies of Project Publisher to anyone that donated at least $50 to the cause.

Special Olympics:

The Special Olympics World Winter Games Committee needed a project management tool that would allow each venue to manage their tasks independently and have the ability to report their project status to one enterprise site. The Special Olympics World Winter Games Committee uses WorkEngine because the solution provides the highest level of capability and flexibility, with the greatest ease of use in functionality and deployment. With WorkEngine’s online Software + Services environment, the solution gave the committee the ability to be up and running within a few business days. “The solution came highly recommended from the team we were working with on our technology infrastructure. We are a sunset organization and did not have much time to implement and configure a complicated EPM solution. WorkEngine allowed us to add as many users as needed and tailor the solution to our unique needs,” said J.P. Benlian, Special Olympics World Winter Games Committee Member.

The Pink Party:

The Pink Party is committed to supporting breast cancer research, patient and family care, education related to environmental/biological causes and the importance of early detection. By bringing the community together to party for a cause, The Pink Party promotes celebration, survival, empowerment and education. The Pink Party used WorkEngine to provide volunteer coordination, event planning and execution, manage all donations and donors as well as establish a portal for all sponsorship communication and correspondence.

Hope for Gavin:

Tay-Sachs is a rare hereditary disease caused by a genetic mutation that leaves the body unable to produce an enzyme (known as Hex-A) necessary for fat metabolism in nerve cells. Without this enzyme, central nervous system degeneration ensues. The disease is named for a British ophthalmologist, Warren Tay, who first described the disease, in 1881, and a New York neurologist, Bernard Sachs, who first described the cellular changes and the genetic nature of the disease, in 1887. Gavin is a 5 year old boy who lives in San Diego, CA. In 2009, Gavin was diagnosed with Tay Sachs disease, a rare and fatal disease. The Hope for Gavin charity was created to provide support for Gavin and support for the Cure Tay Sachs Foundation. The Hope for Gavin team has been using their WorkEngine application to manage all fundraising events, sell tickets, control donations and sponsorships and provide a collaboration environment for all volunteers.

PMI Chapters (Project Management Institute):

EPM Live has been offering all PMI Chapters the online WorkEngine product for over three years. PMI Chapters are using WorkEngine to run Chapter business including volunteer programs, conference planning and execution, board meeting minutes and action items, component dinner planning and execution as well as all other simple to complex project management needs. Because WorkEngine is built on SharePoint, users are able to collaborate easily and efficiently without the need for an elaborate training program. It also gives PMI Chapters the ability to incentivize volunteers by providing top of the line, best practice software to manage all of their programs, offering them the experience they need to improve their project management skill level. WorkEngine’s security is flexible and scalable so Chapter’s can collaborate not only with their individual Chapter but can share best practice information across other Chapter’s in their region as well.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year a huge success! Happy Holidays to all!

#WPC- Everyone Wins with WorkEngine, visit our Booth!

Partners and Customers Win with WorkEngine! Visit the WorkEngine booth #338 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington D.C., July 11-15, 2010 to learn how you can reach new markets and grow revenue by leveraging EPM Live’s Award Winning Work Management Solution built for SharePoint.

Plus, visiting the booth each day will qualify you for a chance to win a FLIP HP Video (1 awarded each day) and a Grand Prize trip for 2 to the World Famous Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas!
Not sure WorkEngine is right for you or your customers? Visit our booth to learn more or you can: