Easily Support your PPM Methodology of Choice with Flexible Project Software

Selecting the Right PPM Management Approach 

EPM Live project software makes selecting a work management approach easy. A key distinction between Agile and the more traditional waterfall approach to project management is all about flexibility. So which is better – the Agile or Waterfall methodologies?  Both are very different approaches used to achieve a product in the end. Really understanding how your organization and management team functions is the key to implementing project and work methodologies within the business. Whether you are using the traditional waterfall method of project management or the agile method, EPM Live makes using one method or a combination of project management methods possible. If your organization is using or considering using Agile, EPM Live project software offers a simple yet powerful solution.

What is the waterfall method? The traditional way to build software is a life cycle commonly known as “the waterfall.” It typically begins with a detailed planning phase, where the end product is thought through, designed, and documented in detail. Once stakeholders approve the plan, the team starts to work. Once the work is completed, testing is done, modifications are made, and then the customer gets the end result. Throughout the change-resistant process, deviations from the original plan are not easily allowed.

Conversely, Agile is a philosophy which emphasizes building software that people can get their hands on quickly. Agile describes a set of principles for building software through iterative development. The Agile development method is an approach that considers learning, improving, and changing during the process of the product development. Agile development focuses on rapid iteration, with continuous customer input along the way. The most popular agile method is Scrum.  Scrum structures development in cycles of work called Iterations and Sprints. These iterations take place one after the other without pause. The Sprints end on a specific date and are never extended. The team commits to complete the items by the end of the Sprint. Every day the team gathers briefly to inspect its progress, and adjust the next steps needed to complete the work remaining. At the end of the Sprint, the team reviews the Sprint with stakeholders, and demonstrates what has been built – a finished product – meaning the software code is integrated, has been tested, and is ready to ship.

Integration of portfolio management, project management, and Agile management is possible in EPM Live. EPM Live project software offers single and bundled apps to facilitate project portfolio management, work management, and Agile management. By integrating EPM Live’s Project Portfolio Management App with the EPM Live Software Development App you can easily manage your software development projects using the waterfall approach to project management and/or the Agile iterative planning method to effectively keep track of all your projects, tasks, issues, backlog tasks, user stories, bugs, etc. You can build your own projects using the EPM Live Project Planner, Agile Planner, or Microsoft Project.  The included apps can be utilized to help monitor your software projects at a more granular level. Valuable reporting information can also be analyzed, and these reports can be used to quickly see where the money is being spent, and which features have the greatest number of issues. The included test case app within the Software Dev app allows for organized storage of all test cases in a central location for quick reference when testing and allows you to manage software development projects within the same system that is used to manage other projects.

With EPM Live by Upland, you can do the right work and do the work right with whichever project management method is best for your organization.

How do I begin? EPM Lives’ Software Development App makes using the Agile approach to software project management simple yet powerful.  Join us Tuesday, August 13th for our Tech Tuesday presentation and demonstration on how we use the Software Development (Agile) App available in EPM Live.

Tech Tuesday Webinar – Using the Software Development App (Agile) in EPM Live!

Tuesday, August 13th 
9:30am – 10:30am 

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