EPM Live Launches New Training University!

I am very excited to announce the launch of the EPM Live Training University! This online Learning Management System is truly unique in the way that is connects EPM Live customers to a virtual classroom where users can access all End User and Site Collection Admin (SCA) training for EPM Live Products.

EPM Live was recently highlighted by GetApp.com for its customer centricity vision. “With thousands of customers, we need to provide as many resources as possible to maintain user success.  EPM Live University was the next step in the process proceeded by our forums, live chat, videos, knowledgebase and tutorials.”

The EPM Live University, online Learning Management System provides users with seamless interactions between registering for instructor-led training webinar, on-demand video viewing, and reading written tutorials, without having to take extra steps through third party websites. Flexible and convenient, the EPM Live University is set to pave the way for standardizing PPM training systems and websites.

As the EPM Live Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solution continues to push the boundaries of traditional Project Management, we will continue to improve and drive the industry standard for customer  support to help them succeed with their work and project tasks.

To learn more, contact us at info@epmlive.com for more information!

EPM Live Recognized as the "Best of Project Management"

EPM Live is honored to be recognized as the “Best of Project Management” by FindTheBest.com. Our unique Microsoft SharePoint-based Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions push the boundaries of traditional Project and Portfolio Management. We have been dedicated to creating cutting-edge PPM applications and being recognized as a leader in the Project Management industry is a true honor!

FindTheBest is an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine. They organize and present data in a consumer-friendly format so that consumers can make quick and informed decisions based on what’s important to them. FindTheBest gathers ratings from the most respected experts in each category. They then assign a normalized score (not every critic has a 1-100 system) to each expert’s review and present users with ONE overall rating—The Smart Rating.

FindTheBest found that EPM Live’s project software offers “more” functionality for users, “drastically more” collaboration features, “far more” resource management features and excellent technical support, noting 6 different technical support channels which is 82% more than other project management providers.

EPM Live functionality includes Collaboration, Document Management, Issue Tracking, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Scheduling and Web Applications. “The more functionalities that your project management software offers, the more aspects of the project you are capable of managing” noted FindTheBest.

EPM Live’s Online Project Management makes collaboration easier for multiple project team members to work together toward completing the project at hand. Team members can access Dashboards, Email Integration, Forums, Issue Tracking, Messaging or instant messaging, MS Project Integration, RSS Feed, Team Calendars/Timelines and Wiki.








EPM Live recognizes that employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. The ability to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to optimize their return on human resource investments. EPM Live’s Resource Management includes Check in/Check out, Costs, Email Addresses, Groups, Import Resources, Materials/Supplies, Resource, Resource Details, Skill Sets and Time Sheets noted FindTheBest.








Technical Support, we’re here to help! We provide many facets for users to access technical support; Blog, FAQs, Forum, General Support, Online Video Demo, Phone Customer Service and our recently released Community Support page! FindTheBest said EPM Live offers, “a total of 6 different technical support channels, which is 82.1% more than the average for all Project Management. More support channels means that you have more options for receiving help from EPM Live using and understanding your project management software.







 EPM Live software is flexible and relevant to meet the needs of every business. We offer FREE trials of each of our project solution editions and believe in the right to choose the best deployment option to fit your organization. EPM Live Project, Portfolio and Work Solutions can be leveraged on-premise, hosted or SaaS.

“We continue to receive confirmation of our vision to evolve the traditional, powerful capabilities of Project and Portfolio Management and extend the same value-driven concepts to all work areas within an organization,” said Joe Larschied, EPM Live CEO, “we are honored to be recognized by FindTheBest for being the Best!”

Publish Your SharePoint Project and Work Tasks to Outlook with EPM Live

One of the biggest challenges with an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution is getting all users to actually use the tool.   The data that comes out of the PPM tool is only as good as the information going in.  That being said, a critical success factor for implementing a PPM tool is high user adoption.  So how do you ensure that all users use the tool, and even better, WANT to use it?   You provide the tools needed to ensure users can work in the format most familiar to them.

EPM Live has been implementing PPM systems since 1999.  Because our solutions are built with usability in mind, removing adoption barriers is a requirement that has been the basis for many new features over the years.   Email applications are one of the most commonly used systems in organizations today which means that users are familiar with their email toolset.  In addition to many other integrations EPM Live offers to help users collaborate more effectively, EPM Live offers an Outlook integration that synchronizes all EPM Live work items with your Outlook task list.

With EPM Live, work is always consolidated in one central location (“My Work”) within Microsoft SharePoint.  EPM Live’s Outlook Publisher allows Microsoft Outlook users to easily connect to projects, tasks issues and other work items in EPM Live to collaborate in the way most familiar to them.

Easily Synchronize All Work Assigned to You In Any Outlook Task Folder


  • Synch with EPM Live: Outlook synchronizes with your “My Work” view from EPM Live automatically and in real time
  • Set automatic synchronization schedules with EPM Live sites or manually synchronize “My Work” from EPM Live at any time
  • Easily automatically connect to EPM Live when creating new Outlook task folders
  • “My Work” items are automatically removed from your Outlook task folders when any related EPM Live connections are removed for easy self clean-up
  • Changes to your “My Work” items are stored and automatically synchronized later if network connectivity is unavailable at the time you save the task, issue, risk, change, backlog, or custom work item for offline support needs
  • Easily manage all tasks in your Outlook task folders.  Switch views via the ribbon to only see your EPM Live “My Work” items, your Outlook native tasks, or both types of tasks in one consolidated view
  • Make changes to your work items directly in Outlook and changes are automatically synched back to EPM Live

Publish changes from local My Work items back to EPM Live

The EPM Live Outlook Publisher works with both Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. We offer both 32- and 64-bit versions for Outlook 2010.  Sign up for EPM Live today!

Increase EPM & PPM User Adoption with EPM Live Training University

Hello EPM Live users!

My name is Mark Fish.  I joined EPM Live over a year ago as the Director of Training & Development and have enjoyed watching our company evolve at a rapid rate over the last year!  I would like to quickly introduce myself to you, and share the exciting accomplishments of our training department.   I have spent the last fifteen years delivering training and development services to organizations of all sizes, with a focus on delivering technical information in a way that is effective and easy to understand.   I have delivered Microsoft Project training and consulting services to more than 2,500 individuals – nationally (U.S.) and internationally (UK, Germany, & Hong Kong)!  I am passionate about helping our EPM Live customers get the most out of thier EPM Live solution, and am constantly finding new and creative methods to help you do so.

We at EPM Live are always striving to enhance our customer’s experience.  With our recent fall launch, we’ve released two new products, opened an office in the UK, and greatly enhanced our features set.  In addition to that, we have recently unveiled our new EPM Live University available to enhance our customer’s experience!!

Our ten plus years of working within the Enterprise Project Management industry, has provided us the experience to recognize that high-quality training enables our customers to effectively utilize our EPM Live products. The better you understand our product, the higher level of success with your organizations user adoption and overall satisfaction.

As such, we have recently launched our EPM Live Training University that provides flexible training options for end users, administrators, and developers.   We realize there isn’t a one size fits all approach for our customers, so we are now offering a variety of methods for you and your team to access training:

  • Online training guides providing current product information with easy to understand image based how-to instructions.  The new EPM Live online product guides support full text search and simple navigation.  In addition, our online product guides provide us direct communication with you with a commenting system that provides instant feedback.
  • Training how-to videos embedded right within the product itself!  Just click on the “Getting Started” pane on the right side of your screen and you will have access to a wealth of support and training information relevant to where you are in the system.
  • Online eLearning courses are designed to help you and your team, from anywhere in the world easily gain the knowledge needed to effectively and immediately use your EPM Live solution.  Our instructor lead eLearning courses are a series of 90-minute informational webinars designed to help you quickly learn specific areas of EPM Live through product demonstration and Q&A.  Since our eLearning courses are offered every week, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule.  Visit our eLearning catalog for more information about our eLearning course offering.
  • Custom training courses designed to fit your business specific needs.  We can deliver custom classes web based, or on location at the your site with or without custom materials.  Your custom materials can be delivered online so you can leverage all the great features our online product guides support!
  • Product Boot Camps delivered in various locations (e.g. Carlsbad, San Francisco, and Washington DC).    The Boot Camp will give you an end-to-end understanding of the EPM Live products and is designed specifically for those individuals who need to know and understand how to configure and administer the EPM Live product lines. Boot Camps consist of hands-on workshops and interactive discussion sessions lead by a team of technical experts.

EPM Live is investing directly in your success and we are dedicated to bring you the best training service!   If you have any comments or concerns or would just like to reach out and introduce yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

EPM Live Announces Launch of WorkEngine Fall Release

Carlsbad, CA — October 19, 2011 EPM Live, a global leader in Enterprise SharePoint Project, Portfolio and Work Management applications, announced at SharePoint Conference 2011 the launch of its WorkEngine Fall release.. Building on its award winning foundation aligned with project and work execution, WorkEngine has extended its core capabilities to include an array of features that will enhance the end-user experience. WorkEngine supports end-to-end Enterprise Project and Work Management disciplines throughout the entire life cycle of projects as well as non-project work and is known for its ease of use and flexibility resulting in the following benefits:

1. Guaranteed Usability- WorkEngine is built on the SharePoint Platform, making it intuitive, flexible and familiar
2. One Size Fits All- WorkEngine contains tools for every user regardless of maturity, work focus and preferred methodology. One system is all you need for all users, all work, all processes
3. No Deployment Limitations- WorkEngine is tailored for the user, which means it can be served up online, on-premise, hosted, or even in a dedicated environment
4. Instant Results- WorkEngine is built from best practice work solutions giving you out-of-box templates to instantly begin managing projects, products, applications and services

“This release extends our commitment to maximize ROI for businesses who own Microsoft SharePoint by adding a comprehensive end-to-end Enterprise Project and Work Management Solution to their platform. For those who don’t own SharePoint, our online WorkEngine environment allows teams to get up and running now and begin realizing the benefits of Enterprise Project and Work Management immediately without the need for costly deployment cycles. It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” says Joe Larscheid, CEO of EPM Live.

EPM Live recently wrapped up its WorkEngine beta program and received raving reviews from the participants. “The WorkEngine system is reliable and robust enough for the largest organizations, and on the other hand, it empowers smaller ones to work with more basic features without getting burdened with complex and overkill management workflow, management and other elements of that nature. So whether you’re the Basecamp type, the Attask type or the Microsoft Project type, WorkEngine Live has a solution for every type of customer.” said Web-based Software.

Here are some of the cool new features in WorkEngine’s Fall Release:

• “My Work” Additions- Add comments, check off work with one click, and create personal views to help simplify managing work
• All New Project Planner- Access other critical list items such as risks, issues and documents directly from the online schedule. Leverage powerful Gantt controls to easily update and edit schedules and build the team directly from the default task view
• Getting Started Tab- Leverage the slide out “getting started” tab that allows users to watch videos relevant to the page they are on. These help guides can be customized to include pertinent training information for work teams
• Add Comments to Any Work Item- Now users can add comments on any work item including tasks, documents and issues
• New “Create Project” Process- Create templates with ease or select from EPM Live’s online gallery. Leverage pre-built workspace templates to make creating projects easy and to standardize the project creation process
• Create “New Item” Feature- Easily create new items from one centralized location streamlining content creation and collaboration
• Common Actions Feature- Administrators or managers can now populate the Common Actions dropdown with content that is specific to their processes
• New “My Workspaces” Component- The “My Workspaces” navigation component is always with the user no matter what page in the site they’re on. With two clicks, users can navigate to any site in the Site Collection, both horizontally and vertically
• Email Notifications- Improving team communication was a big focus of this release. Now email notifications can be turned on for any list
• “My Work” List Automation- Now, with the check of a box, users can automatically add the fields necessary to roll up any list into the “my work” list so users can view workload across all project and work initiatives
• Smart “Edit Plan” Functionality- Multiple buttons for the various planning tools have now been replaced by one simple “Edit Plan” button. Administrators and managers can set which planners are available. This feature will greatly simplify the way users interact with their planning tools. Users now have the option to set a default planning tool which is automatically launched when clicking the “Edit Plan” button
• Build Team Access- Now users can access the build team feature from multiple locations in their sites. Users can build their team from their resource pool and will no longer see the entire list of users when they are not relevant

EPM Live will continue to provide cutting-edge, cost effective project and work management solutions leveraging the Microsoft technologies organizations already own to increase the value of their current IT investments. EPM Live’s applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions. EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs. These innovative solutions include capabilities such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration. These capabilities are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need.

EPM Live Launches PortfolioEngine at the Gartner ITxpo!

We at EPM Live are very excited to be participating in the Gartner IT Expo event!  The Gartner IT Expo allows us to network with key IT industry leaders, and access to over 450 sessions.   We are enjoying connecting with our customers at our booth and learning moreabout the major trends that are shaping the IT landscape from Mobile, Context, Cloud and Social.

At the event, we released our new PortfolioEngine product line.  PortfolioEngine is our SharePoint-based, top-down Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution that empowers executives to make critical business decisions with confidence.  With PortfolioEngine you know which projects deliver the highest ROI while maximizing your company’s resources.  Key new features include:
  • Stage Gates: PortfolioEngine allows you to optimize your business performance through pre-built workflow templates for approvals and stage gating. Streamline project approval through workflows to automatically initiate project execution. Easily customize your business processes to meet your approval needs.
  • Portfolio Analytics & Prioritization:  Leverage portfolio analytics tools to make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution.  Gain real-time insight into rich analytics such as color-coded heat maps and portfolio modeling capabilities.  Prioritize based on financial value, strategic alignment, risk or any other business case criterion.

    What-If Analysis

  • Demand Management & Portfolio Selection:  Capture and determine the right mix and sequencing of proposed projects and ideas to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. View various dashboards of proposed work to evaluate which projects bring the most value to the business.


  •  Top-Down Planning: PortfolioEngine offers top-down planning capabilities that are supported with our bottoms-up detailed project and work management capabilities resulting in better business outcomes.


EPM Live plans to launch new SharePoint Project Management capabilities at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011!

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011  is right around the corner!  We at EPM Live are looking forward to this SharePoint event – as it is the most comprehensive SharePoint event in the world hosting over 240 sessions!   Not only will my teammates and I get to connect with customers at our booth and soak up valuable information from the loads of technical sessions, we will get to enjoy attending the private party at Disneyland Park Resort!

At the SharePoint Conference, we are thrilled to unveil our new and improved WorkEngine product.  We continually strive to make your work life easier and to improve the way you manage your work and your projects.  As part of this, we have several new features being released with 4.2.  Here’s a little sneak peak:

  • Online Planner: Our latest release will include a new SharePoint online planner that will support real-time updates from team members, individual and shared work hours, task relationships with predecessors & successors, and much, much more.  Did I mention that it is very easy to use….  and performance is greatly enhanced!!  Create unlimited online planner configurations to map to any SharePoint list.
  • My Work: New and improved My Work web part making it even easier for Team Members to relay status back to Managers.  Team members can access all their information in one spot with new capabilities such as saving personal views and one click auto-complete feature.

  • To improve team collaboration, our new version will include the ability to add comments to any SharePoint List item.  As comments are made, comment icons will appear in our grid to indicate items that have comments associated.  Participants on the comment thread will be notified via email, so you can stay on top of your work items without leaving your inbox!

  • Last but not least, we will be launching our very own Online App Store which will allow our customers to access and deploy new project workspace templates and solutions with just a few clicks with no additional fees!   We want to make your Project & Work Management solution flexible and easy to use!

You can find out more by coming by our booth 553 at the SharePoint Conference 2011 at Anaheim, CA.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Register Now!


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WorkEngine Releases its 4.0.2 Cumulative Update

WorkEngine continues to provide cutting-edge, cost effective project and work management solutions leveraging the Microsoft technologies organizations already own to increase the value of their current IT investments.  WorkEngine’s applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions.

On November 30, 2010 WorkEngine released its 4.0.2 cumulative update.  Included in this release were several enhancements as seen below:

Gantt Web Part Enhancement

WorkEngine 2010 now uses SharePoint’s 2010 JS Grid Control (non-ActiveX) for it’s Gantt Rollup Web Part: The ActiveX Gantt Controls have been replaced with Microsoft’s JS Grid control for use with the WorkEngine Gantt view for purposes of rendering hierarchal and rolled up data.  Some of the rich features of this enhanced Grid Control and WorkEngine Lists in Gantt view are:

  • Full Tree Hierarchy of Microsoft Project Schedules (no folder schedule structure)
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Rollup of Data across multiple sites and lists
  • Cross Site Collection Rollup
  • Critical Path Highlighted in Gantt
  • Predessors Links
  • Supports all the other OOB SharePoint Controls, like zoom in and out, link to edit item and more.

Integration with Project Server 2010 Enhancements

You can now publish your Microsoft Project Pro 2010 and Project Web App schedules from Microsoft Project Server to SharePoint: WorkEngine’s Project Publisher add-in product will publish Microsoft Project Professional and Project Web App schedule data to Microsoft Project Server and then populate the designated WorkEngine SharePoint Task Center list.

You can now also access your Microsoft Project Server published project schedules from the WorkEngine SharePoint Project Workspace.

Active Directory Sync

This new tool allows the synchronization of user profiles from your local Active Directory database to the WorkEngine Resource Pool. This tool has configuration flexibility that allows for synchronizations to occur at scheduled intervals and/or manually initiated.

WorkEngine Announces its Accelerator Marketplace- Prebuilt Templates to Accelerate your Implementation

To help organizations reduce the time to market when implementing an Enterprise Project and Work Management Solution, EPM Live has built a WorkEngine template gallery that will help meet the needs and requirements of almost any organization.  WorkEngine’s Accelerator Marketplace offers powerful, easy to use predefined solution templates, feature templates and WorkEngine Partner’s third party products that optimize the dynamic features of EPM Live’s WorkEngine and accelerate the implementation process.   WorkEngine Accelerators will ensure that your organization’s Solution deploys efficiently and meets specific and unique requirements.

WorkEngine Accelerators significantly improve time-to-benefit at minimal risk. Our Accelerators are built with leading industry and business best practices imbedded in the configuration.  WorkEngine Accelerators enable rapid adoption and standardization of world-class best practices.

WorkEngine Accelerators help organizations:

  • Decrease implementation cost and risk, while increasing ROI
  • Build in and  Standardize best practices surrounding their business processes
  • Ensure Early adoption

To access EPM Live’s WorkEngine Accelerator Gallery please click here.