EPM Live Training

End-user, Power-user, and System Administrator Training and Resources.

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Custom Training and Services

Client Web-Based Training (Remote)

Demo style delivery via Webinar. The demo style is delivered in a presentation format. We will use the client site (when possible) and will tailor the training accordingly. Classes able to accommodate up to 20 End User students or 3 Admin class students.

Hands-On delivery via Webinar. All students must be in one room with projector and audio capabilities to view and interact with the EPM Live Instructor. We will use the client site (when possible) and will tailor the training accordingly. Classes able to accommodate up to 10 End User students or 3 Admin students.

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Train-the-Trainer Workshops (On Location)

EPM Live provides Train-the-Trainer workshops for all EPM Live Products. Train-the-Trainer workshops are designed for individuals who will be “End User” Instructors of the product for their organization. These workshops include hands-on practical experience using the EPM Live product, class examples and exercises to use when training, best practices for training technology / software, and techniques for effective training. During the Train-the-Trainer workshop each attendee will practice their training and presentation skills. All materials provided include handouts, exercises, presentation slides, and end user guide and will be made available as “editable” documents. Train-the-Trainer workshops are limited to a maximum of 5 students.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops provided On Location at either Client Site or EPM Live Headquarters (Carlsbad, California)

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Coaching Sessions

One-on-one, hands-On coaching and consulting sessions available via Webinar between one EPM Live instructor / technical expert and one (or two) client individuals. The session focus can be around specific training topics and/or product configuration.

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EPM Live Boot Camps

EPM Live Boot Camps are offered within the United States and Internationally. Boot Camps are designed for Site Collection Administrators (SCAs) and for EPM Live Partners who want an in-depth understanding and working knowledge of the EPM Live Product Solution from both an End User and Administrator perspective.

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Recording of Client Web-Based Trainings

Live recordings of client web-based trainings are available for both End User and Admin training sessions. We will record the training session and make it available to the customer either online for viewing or as a file they can download for their own internal use.

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Custom Training & Materials

Customization of all instructor-led training and written materials is available for any customer site/ configuration upon request.

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