On Demand Webinars

  • NEW: Resource Management for Effective Change - Change is a way of life for organizations today. Success depends in large part on the ability of organizations to react quickly and effectively to those changes. Unless you have a strong grasp on resource management in your organization that ‘change agility’ is very difficult to achieve. Listen to Senior Technical Trainer, Christina Gulley host […]
  • Setting Up a PMO is Not for the Faint Hearted -  More and more organizations are setting up a PMO (Project Management Office) to ensure successful delivery of their strategic initiatives. Setting up a PMO is one thing, but how do you ensure your PMO meets the increasing needs of the business? A value-driven PMO can increase ROI by leveraging standard tools and best practices to […]
  • Case Study: Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. - How a company that already excelled in project management filled the missing links with EPM Live. Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. (BPMI) is a prime contractor for the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP). They are a project engineering organization responsible for providing design, manufacturing, and procurement management for the fabrication, testing, delivery, installation, and […]
  • Enterprise Project Management Buyer’s Guide: Considerations for EPM Tools and Features - Business leaders are struggling more than ever to gain visibility into their project and work investments. Visibility is just the beginning; without a clear understanding of how the business is performing overall based on the metrics provided, leaders are unable to make key business decisions that could result in greater business value. We have all […]