Employees Pick: Favorite EPM Live Project and Work Management Features and Apps

To kick off the New Year, I wanted to share some of our favorite features and apps from the EPM Live Project and Work Management platform.  If you’re not using them, you are missing out!

1. Fool proof, easy to use Designer Forms! These custom forms allows users to easily define tabs, required fields, rules, and custom HTML and/or JavaScript for simple form creation allowing users the flexibility and customization that is often restricted with out of box forms.  This form is as easy as dragging and dropping. Easily customize and define the information that matters to you with EPM Live Designer Forms. Click here to learn more

2. Easily Create Reports and Dashboards – It’s your information, do what you want with it! This advancement in business intelligence allows user to easily create or modify reports and dashboards on the fly making data accessible to the users when they need it.  Users can easily create reports that are critical to their business without the need for development, giving users data at their fingertips for better decision making and decreased time to action. 

3. Resource Analyzer Features – The Resource Analyzer upper grid can now be turned into a full HTML chart that shows resource capacity vs. the total work selected.  In addition, a new “show details” button allows users to drill into resource heat map rows to see which projects or portfolio items are causing resourcing issues. The feature streamlines resource capacity information for better resource assigning.

4. Salesforce App – EPM Live’s Salesforce App allows executive and sales personnel to view all of their critical information from within Salesforce.com.  It provides sales teams the ability to communicate with project teams via the cloud to bring global portfolio and project visibility, work management, and issue management to fruition.  Project teams will be able to provide sales, marketing, customer success and executives with the information they need to close new business, increase customer satisfaction and fuel expansion within their pipeline.  In this process, all users will remain in their system of preference, working the way that makes them the most productive. With critical project data shared between the software systems, organizations can remove the gap often found between sales and service delivery organizations, and more systematically assure customer success. Click here to learn more.

5. Outlook Publisher App – Easily manage your EPM Live “To Do” list by publishing your My Work items in Outlook. The Outlook Publisher for Microsoft Outlook allows you to collaborate with your teams by linking Microsoft Outlook to any Microsoft SharePoint workspace. Quickly convert emails into service requests, backlogs, project issues, risks, changes or even project requests. Using Outlook Publisher is fast and simple! Manually create items from within your Outlook toolbar, or have them automatically generated from all emails in a defined folder. Click here to learn more.

These features are just five of a much larger pool of applications and work management features provided by the EPM Live platform. Learn more about EPM Live and get started with a free trial today!