Enhancements and Improvements – That’s the Name of the Game in EPM Live’s Latest Project Software Release

The EPM Live product team is happy to announce the 4.3.3 project software update has been released in your sites. Here are some of the new features and enhancements you can now leverage:

 Resource Grid:

  • A new feature! Resource Import/Export Tool using Excel. The Resource Import/Export Tool allows you to bulk upload many resources at once in a more streamlined manner rather than adding each resource one at a time. This tool also allows you to update multiple existing resources at once, rather than editing them one at a time. This feature is only available for the Site Collection Administrators.

Online Planner:

  • Now check for access permissions on open of planner (not save).
  • More friendly Access Denied Message  :-)

List Summary Web Part:

  • List Summary control now features the settings of the Associated List View Filter

Advanced Lookup:

  • Resource properly resolve now using IE 10
  • Generics now resolve using the People and Groups field in a new or edit form

Usability and Administrative:

  • Added a confirmation dialog to the planner deletion action – just so you’re sure!


For the full list of bugs fixed in 4.3.3, read the release notes here.

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