EPM Live 2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast Series – Challenge #1 – Prioritizing Demand

The New Year is quickly approaching which means your time for 2013 planning is rapidly coming to an end. To help jump start your portfolio strategies, EPM Live will be reviewing our most popular webinar series, “2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast.”

Join us for this on-demand webinar presentation as we conquer PPM Challenge #1 – Prioritizing Demand.

Challenge:  Have you ever been asked to accomplish more than your technology and resources could handle?  Prioritizing demand is not an easy task when there are many factors to consider:  strategic objectives, benefits, risk factors and so on.

Opportunity:  Join EPM Live as we walk you through the critical steps that must be taken to prioritize your 2013 portfolio while taking into consideration the environmental factors that play a role in affecting the outcome.  Find out how you can plan the most profitable portfolio for your organization while meeting all of your strategic goals.  A profitable portfolio leads to a profitable business. 

Topics Include:

  • Project and Work Requests
  • Project and Work Definition
  • Portfolio Capacity Planning
  • Portfolio What-if Modeling
  • Portfolio Selection