EPM Live 2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast Series – Challenge #2 – Project Communication and Reporting

Join EPM Live as we continue to conquer PPM challenges for a better 2013!

The New Year is quickly approaching which means your time for 2013 planning is rapidly coming to an end. To help jump start your portfolio strategies, EPM Live will be reviewing our most popular webinar series, “2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast.”

Join us for this on-demand webinar presentation as we conquer PPM Challenge #2 – Project Communications and Reporting.

Challenge:  Meeting stakeholder expectations is a challenge for most organizations.  How do you keep stakeholders in the know with the current status of work and how do you prevent team members from making assumptions and more often than not, causing rework, due to a lack of project awareness?  Keeping teams informed provides a healthy environment and reduces risks.

Opportunity:  Join EPM Live as we walk you through the fundamentals of project communication and reporting.  Quickly and easily build collective intelligence by streamlining collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders and teams.  Increase productivity, minimize rework and provide a healthy informed environment for everyone involved. 

Topics include:

  • Project Communication Tools
  • Performance Reporting (Cost and Schedule)
  • Issue and Risk Reporting
  • Change Management
  • Resource Reporting