EPM Live 2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast Series – Challenge #3 – Providing Value to All Levels

The next challenge in EPM Live’s PPM webinar series is learning how to provide PPM value to all levels within the organization. 

Challenge:  Enterprise tools and processes can cause resistance across teams because the purpose of them is often not communicated.  In addition, these tools and processes are often defined without considering ALL the users who will be responsible for working within them.  It is also often true that an Enterprise system is defined with executive stakeholders in mind, leaving the users feeling as if they are being forced to use a tool that was not designed to help them with the underlying purpose of the tool….getting the work done.

Opportunity:  Join EPM Live as we define the steps that organizations must take to ensure all stakeholder needs are being met, including the users.  If you want to get more work done, the users must feel a since of ownership for the tool and to do that they must have a system that is designed to meet their needs.  Find out how EPM Live takes an “All Work, All Users, All Processes” approach to PPM.  Topics include:
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  • Enterprise vs. User Needs
  • Work Management – All Work in One Solution
  • PM Maturity Considerations and Tools
  • Project Roles and Tools
  • All Process and Methodology Support