EPM Live 2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Webcast Series – Challenge #4 – Improving PPM Maturity

The final challenge in EPM Live’s PPM webinar series is improving PPM maturity within the organization.  

Challenge:  In the last 3 webcasts of the 2013 PPM Challenge and Opportunity Series we have discussed three of the common challenges that organizations will most likely face in the New Year.  Every new year brings an additional set of challenges but one thing is for certain, there will always be room for improvement.  So as we enter the New Year, EPM Live would like to propose a New Year’s challenge for PPM organizations everywhere, put a plan together to improve your organizational maturity for 2013 so you can get a true picture of what’s possible.

Opportunity:  Join EPM Live as we walk you through the PPM Maturity Model.  The efficiency of an organization’s PMO can be best judged in terms of resource utilization, level of optimization and basic cost control. As an organization moves up the scale in the PPM Maturity Model, it transitions to a more effective PMO and thereby a higher project success ratio.  Topics include:

  • PPM Maturity Model
  • Understanding Maturity
  • Critical Steps to Improving Maturity
  • The Tools Needed to Support Maturity