EPM Live Acquires EPK Group Product Line

EPM Live, a global leader in Enterprise SharePoint Project and Work Management Solutions, announced today at the Gartner ITxpo their acquisition of EPK Group’s EPK-Suite product line. The result of this acquisition and upcoming development efforts will produce an integrated system that truly revolutionizes the way organizations manage work using Microsoft SharePoint.

“WorkEngine and the EPK Group founders share a joint vision to evolve the traditional, powerful capabilities of EPK Suite Portfolio Management, Resource Management and Cost Management and extend the same value-driven concepts to all work areas of the business using Microsoft SharePoint,” said Joe Larscheid, CEO of EPM Live.  Earlier this year when they announced WorkEngine 2010, Joe stated, “This launch will not only confirm our commitment to an aggressive product roadmap, but will fill the gaps in the technology market allowing us to meet market demand and further enhance our market position.”  “The acquisition of the EPK products reinforces our commitment to take the necessary steps to add maximum value to the systems our customers require.  As an organization’s work takes the shape of all different sizes and complexity, WorkEngine will now be able to help meet the Portfolio Work Management and Resource Management objectives of most organizations, to increase growth and profitability for an overall competitive advantage,” Joe added today.

The EPK Suite acquisition and the product integration development already underway, will add an array of enhancements to WorkEngine and Microsoft SharePoint that will help address customers’ needs by offering a deeper level of portfolio work management, and highly functional resource management and cost management capabilities.

About EPK Group



The EPK Group founders average more than 30 years experience in the project management field, including consulting, implementation, and project management systems development. They have led the development and introduction to the marketplace of many of the project management systems used over the past 30 years, including the Enterprise Project system Microsoft acquired in August 2000. As part of the acquisition of Enterprise Project, they became members of the Microsoft product development team and participated in the development of Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Server.