EPM Live 5.5 Releases New User Interface and Innovative Product Enhancements

EPM Live is excited to announce our 5.5 release, our most forward thinking release ever! Our latest release of leading cloud project management and collaboration platform delivers streamlined user productivity and efficiency.

The new release allows users to expand Enterprise Project and Work Management through a new intuitive user interface, new integrations, and enhanced cutting-edge features. EPM Live 5.5 provides a powerful balance between getting work done and doing it efficiently, bringing work solutions to all areas of the business regardless of work focus. 

“By continuing to invest in the enhancements and development of the EPM Live solution, we can not only provide a rich feature set to meet the needs of today’s enterprise but also one that is sustainable for the future,” said Joe Larscheid, Upland Software’s EVP of Product Strategy and General Manager for the EPM Live product line. “The focus of this release was delivering world-class usability.  We have transformed the PPM interface to be more efficient while adding cutting-edge features that allow users to be more productive.”

Release img

Key EPM Live 5.5 features include:

  • New User Interface
  • Easily Create Reports and Dashboards
  • Custom Forms 
  • Enterprise Class Integration
  • EPM Live Favorites
  • Frequent Apps and Recent Items
  • Performance Upgrades  
  • New Resource Analyzer Features 
  • Workspaces

Read the full release notes here!