EPM Live Features

App Market

Pre-built apps to manage any type of work.
Download powerful, easy-to-use, predefined apps that optimize EPM Live and accelerate the implementation process. Bring all work together into one solution to give your teams the tools they need to manage projects, products, services and much more!

EPM Live Apps are built with leading industry and business best practices combined to enable rapid adoption and standardization of all types of work. Learn More

Portfolio Management

Selecting the RIGHT work
Ensure you are executing the right work to make your business successful. Find the right balance of “keep the lights on” activities and strategic opportunities to bring the most value to your organization. The right insight can make project and work selection easy! Learn More

Agile Project Management

Executing work effectively
Leverage multiple scheduling tools to plan out your tasks for on time delivery. Keep project teams in the know by centralizing information for real time updates and statusing. Bringing your teams together will help you get more work done! Learn More

Cost Management

Track all costs associated to work
Plan, budget, forecast and track all costs associated to your projects and work. Visibility into cost will prevent overspending and could help you achieve more with less. Know what you are spending, when, and where for maximum profitability. Learn More

Resource Management

Assign resources to all work
Employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. The ability to deploy employees effectively against conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to maximize their return on resource investments. Understand which projects and types of work are consuming your most valuable resources and effectively realign your staffing plan based on changing priorities and budgets. Learn More

Work Management

Plan, track and manage all work in your organization
The ability to manage project tasks alone is no longer enough. In order to get a true picture of project performance, all work that affects the bottom line must be considered. The need to maintain disparate systems to manage various types of work such as applications, products, projects and services, is no longer required. Work management brings all projects and all work together for true reporting and maximum efficiency. Learn More

Social Collaboration

Improve communication through mainstream collaboration
Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency through various modes of communication. Connect to Microsoft Outlook and other business productivity applications to streamline conversations and drive efficiencies. Learn More


Track time against any work in the system
Capturing time spent on project and work items is critical for making informed business decisions. Capture time and track progress on project and non-project work so project managers can gauge the overall effect actual time has on their work initiatives. Learn More

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Streamline reporting for real-time insight
Leverage over 100 pre-configured reports and dashboards to gain insight into real-time work status. View project charts and graphs for visual presentation of project performance. Use familiar tools like Excel and Access to export data to create simple customized project reports. Learn More

Workflow and Governance

Automate processes and easily implement standards
Every business is filled with numerous processes whether it’s project initiation, risk management, resource staffing requests/assignment, or processing a supplier request. It can be inefficient for resources to remember the exact process, track progress, and manually move items along. Enable project workflow definition, standardization, communication, and enforcement of business processes across the organization. Learn More


Unite your business with tailored integrations
Our pre-built integrations are tailored to link EPM Live to an organization’s other mission-critical business systems, seamlessly and effortlessly. Improving visibility and eliminating silos of information, these integrations allow users to get instant access to the data they need, mitigating the need to toggle between tools. Learn More

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