EMA Analyst Firm Names EPM Live a Next Generation Visionary Leader in IT Management

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst and consulting firm, recently released their Next Generation IT Management research paper, where EPM Live was included and awarded for our advancement in fully integrated IT Management.



The Radar Report outlines the industries top platforms who have successfully integrated support, project and service management on a common architectural platform with integrated resource management and time tracking capabilities.  

So what exactly is Integrated IT Management?  EMA calls it Next Generation IT Management (NGITM), platforms that are intended to support both project and service management on a common architectural platform, with integrated resource management and time tracking.

Until now there have been no direct answers to easily integrating IT portfolios with other business aspects in one system. Organizations have had to use separate lines of business and pull various data from different systems, a timely and often cumbersome task.  

EPM Live is one of the first organizations to answer directly to the Integrated IT Management issue.

This summer EPM Live released EPM Live 4.3, within this launch we introduced the EPM Live Apps Marketplace and our newest IT Management application, ITEngine. ITEngine is a complete solution that allows organizations to manage all IT projects and work in a single, centralized system and is our direct response to the Integrated IT Portfolio Management issue.

With ITEngine, users are able to funnel all work through a common governance and control structure. Streamline your IT service with best practices for problem management, change management and resolution management. Create a clear vision into all enterprise applications. Assess, prioritize and govern for reduced risk and increased ROI. Centrally manage all projects and work across the enterprise. Gain improved visibility for better decision-making, lower risk and higher ROI. With ITEngine, better utilize your best resources and better control your schedules by leveraging multiple scheduling tools and methods to optimize successful delivery of project, products and work.

Within the report Charlie Betz, EMA Analyst noted, “Of all the vendors, EPM Live perhaps best exemplifies the EMA framework of Demand/Supply/Execute. They correctly note that ‘the ability to manage project tasks alone is no longer enough. In order to get a true picture of project performance, all work that affects a project portfolio must be considered. The need to maintain disparate systems to manage various types of work such as applications, products, projects and services, is no longer required. Work management brings all projects and all work together for true reporting and maximum efficiency.’”

EPM Live’s platform is the first build-to-order platform that extends Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to all areas of the business regardless of work focus. ITEngine is one of EPM Live’s many Apps offered in its revolutionary app marketplace that is included when you purchase the EPM Live Work Management Platform.