EPM Live Transforms PPM Cloud: EPM Live's Answer to Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis

In today’s day and age, we have a plethora of smart software at our fingertips designed to streamline organizational components, align strategic goals and create automated processes. 


With that said industry experts are raising the issue of the lack of a single data-sharing platform that would allow business managers and executives to unify disparate financial, project, and operational data to collaborate effectively ado achieve the highest ROI. Specifically IT organizations are confronted with this challenge; is Integrated IT Portfolio analysis (IIPA) is the answer?

There are many benefits to implementing IIPA, it’s designed to help facilitate automated processes for one or many functional silos. IIPA gives department managers the tools to provide accurate information to stakeholders and executives so they can understand the current state of each department, allowing executives to make better strategic decisions and plan for increased business growth.

The capabilities of IIPA are desirable for businesses who view their IT function as a critical strategic component of the business.  IT can enable or cripple the ability to deliver projects and services to market and generate revenue.

IIPA is also for organizations that build products as the IT department serves as its core and requires regular technical changes to underlying components. IIPA can help these types of companies maintain and integrate the respective IT portfolio views required to fully understand and analyze the IT function before changes are made to it, reducing time, cost and risk.

Additionally, if you characterize your business as mainly operational, and IT is not typically viewed as strategic to your business’ success, IIPA will help you identify opportunities to modernize the IT function and reduce underlying IT overhead costs. Cost optimization is one universal benefit of practicing IIPA, but the additional use of IIPA to analyze IT change from a strategic perspective is a more powerful and compelling capability. 

In our newsletter featuring Gartner research, EPM Live presents our answer to IIPA with our latest product release, EPM Live 4.3 – a PPM Work Management Platform. Instead of your typical single solution software, EPM Live has created a platform that supports multiple business verticals with cutting-edge build-to-order technology that extends Project Portfolio Management to all areas of the enterprise regardless of work focus.  EPM Live brings all work together for true IIPA including project, products, applications and services. 

EPM Live’s App Marketplace, allows organizations to add on additional line of business (LOB) applications with a simple click of a button without the need for another platform investments. This allows organizations to build on their PPM solutions at their own pace to bring truly integrated work solutions to every team in the business including Sales, Operations, Application Teams, Product Development Teams, Service Teams and PMOs.   

EPM Live apps come in many forms:

  • Single Apps-  Add a specific feature to your PPM and work management environment such as timesheets
  • Bundled Apps- Add multiple features/apps such as service requests that include a service request planner and service request task list
  • Site Apps- Add full solution apps (LOB apps) that include all the tools, disciplines and methodology you need to manage a specific type of work for a specific area of business including Sales, Operations, Application Teams, Product Development Teams, Service Teams and PMOs
  • Add On Apps- Add 3rd party apps from trusted EPM Live partners to add even more functionality to your EPM Live environment such as Newsgator, Yammer, HelpDesk OSP, SharePlus, Microsoft Project Professional, etc.

Watch the video to see how the App Marketplace can help you extend PPM across your organization. 

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