EPM Live Project Collaboration Tools for Increased Productivity

Team collaboration is important for a project’s success. It’s nearly impossible to meet project objectives without everyone’s participation. For this reason more and more project managers are looking for tools that promote team collaboration within the project software tool. EPM Live offers many collaboration tools for project teams to leverage.

Flexibility to Customize workspaces: Allow team members to personalize their sites by uploading a picture and customize their workspaces. Users are able to configure their homepages allowing them quick access to assigned work, comment streams and quick links.

Comment Streams: Support collaboration amongst colleagues by allowing them to quickly ask questions and get answers using the Activity Stream Web Part. The Comment Stream enables users to collaborate, ask questions and give answers quickly with other team members.

Ideation AppCapture ideas and turn them into real business value. Give employees the opportunity to submit ideas such as improvement to internal processes, new projects or products etc. Once an idea is submitted, every user is able to cast a vote for their favorite new idea. This allows employees to contribute to the organization in a new way and it allows management to receive ideas that may never have been presented. The Ideation app allows employees to funnel ideas through a workflow from idea to conception to project, program or product. 

Shout Outs: Praise and promote excellence within the organization. Download the Shout Outs app from the EPM Live Apps Marketplace and allow users to send each other shout outs for their hard work and achievements. Employees appreciate being recognized for their efforts and ultimately work harder to earn company wide recognition. When a shout out is created it’s announced to the entire company via email and shows up on the employee and their managers homepage.

Check out this video to learn more about EPM Live’s collaboration tools to increase user productivity!