EPM Live Recognized as the "Best of Project Management"

EPM Live is honored to be recognized as the “Best of Project Management” by FindTheBest.com. Our unique Microsoft SharePoint-based Enterprise Project, Portfolio and Work Management Solutions push the boundaries of traditional Project and Portfolio Management. We have been dedicated to creating cutting-edge PPM applications and being recognized as a leader in the Project Management industry is a true honor!

FindTheBest is an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine. They organize and present data in a consumer-friendly format so that consumers can make quick and informed decisions based on what’s important to them. FindTheBest gathers ratings from the most respected experts in each category. They then assign a normalized score (not every critic has a 1-100 system) to each expert’s review and present users with ONE overall rating—The Smart Rating.

FindTheBest found that EPM Live’s project software offers “more” functionality for users, “drastically more” collaboration features, “far more” resource management features and excellent technical support, noting 6 different technical support channels which is 82% more than other project management providers.

EPM Live functionality includes Collaboration, Document Management, Issue Tracking, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Scheduling and Web Applications. “The more functionalities that your project management software offers, the more aspects of the project you are capable of managing” noted FindTheBest.

EPM Live’s Online Project Management makes collaboration easier for multiple project team members to work together toward completing the project at hand. Team members can access Dashboards, Email Integration, Forums, Issue Tracking, Messaging or instant messaging, MS Project Integration, RSS Feed, Team Calendars/Timelines and Wiki.








EPM Live recognizes that employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. The ability to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities enables organizations to optimize their return on human resource investments. EPM Live’s Resource Management includes Check in/Check out, Costs, Email Addresses, Groups, Import Resources, Materials/Supplies, Resource, Resource Details, Skill Sets and Time Sheets noted FindTheBest.








Technical Support, we’re here to help! We provide many facets for users to access technical support; Blog, FAQs, Forum, General Support, Online Video Demo, Phone Customer Service and our recently released Community Support page! FindTheBest said EPM Live offers, “a total of 6 different technical support channels, which is 82.1% more than the average for all Project Management. More support channels means that you have more options for receiving help from EPM Live using and understanding your project management software.







 EPM Live software is flexible and relevant to meet the needs of every business. We offer FREE trials of each of our project solution editions and believe in the right to choose the best deployment option to fit your organization. EPM Live Project, Portfolio and Work Solutions can be leveraged on-premise, hosted or SaaS.

“We continue to receive confirmation of our vision to evolve the traditional, powerful capabilities of Project and Portfolio Management and extend the same value-driven concepts to all work areas within an organization,” said Joe Larschied, EPM Live CEO, “we are honored to be recognized by FindTheBest for being the Best!”