EPM Live Transforms the Future of PPM Work Management- Introducing EPM Live 4.3

EPM Live is proud to unveil the future of PPM Work Management…….EPM Live 4.3  You have patiently waited and the time is now, the future is here!  We have all heard the term “Work Management” in the space for quite some time but once you dig into it a bit further, most vendors who have promised Work Management to organizations can only come through with new task types that are labeled after various types of work found in organizations today.  The truth is Work Management is much more than a task type, it’s work that affects your bottom line and in turn assumes resources, costs and time.  For that reason, EPM Live is the true Work Management platform that brings all this work together into one system.   This work is just as valuable as project tasks and requires the same disciplines to manage it.  Click here for the latest news on the 4.3 release!

EPM Live transforms the way organizations manage this work by applying key disciplines based on the area of work focus.   For example, if you have Service Management Requests, you will most likely have a process that surrounds them.  Assignments, reports, SLAs, work logs, workflows, and customer collaboration functionality must be introduced.  EPM Live brings the entire infrastructure of how Service Management Requests are handled within your EPM Live environment.  It’s not a task type, it’s a new line of business.  A new line of business that can be built, without coding, by your own resources, right on top of your PPM solution.  Now, image that power at your own fingertips including all the work found in most organizations today; the time for change is now.

EPM Live 4.3 is nothing short of a revolutionary movement.  This release is a game changer for the PPM Work Management industry for many reasons:

  • EPM Live officially transforms the way organizations manage projects and work by bringing all work efforts together on one platform without the need for integration. Imagine having one system for applications, services, projects and other work so your resources can focus on getting the work done and not tracking the work in multiple line of business (LOB) systems.
  • EPM Live is the first build to order PPM Work Management platform that allows organizations to build their own customized Work Management solution by adding and adopting functionality as they need it without the need for coding or additional consulting fees. Imagine the various needs you may have had to date to add various types of work to your PPM system such as service requests, timesheets, bug lists, etc.  Now you can, and with one click of a button!  Add it as you need it!
  • EPM Live is the first to bring the power of complete, integrated Work Management Apps to your Project, Portfolio and Work Management solutions.  EPM Live’s App Marketplace brings competitive advantage to all organizations by allowing them to efficiently and cost effectively bring PPM disciplines to every aspect of their business.  Build it as you need it and enjoy it for FREE, just because you are an EPM Live customer.  Imagine downloading functionality that may typically come with a price tag of 200 additional dollars per user and have it automatically integrate into your current PPM Work Management platform within seconds.  Sounds pretty amazing to me!
  • In addition to the above, EPM Live has many more new enhancements and features that make our daily workload easier to manage.  From new scheduling tools, to enhanced user community tools, to additional reporting options, to many more feature improvements, EPM Live is a powerful platform you will not want to go without any longer.  Try it Now for Free!

Contact us now and find out why industry analysts everywhere are raving about EPM Live and it’s vision to change PPM Work Management forever!