EPM Live Unveils Next Generation Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Work Management Platform

EPM Live 4.3 is here and it’s creating big news in the PPM industry. I am so pleased to unveil the exciting enhancements and new features that makeup EPM Live 4.3, the next generation PPM Work Management Platform.

New and improved features of EPM Live 4.3 include:

  • EPM Live Communities– Create your own Communities with specific site content and customized navigation relevant for specific teams. Communities can be used for departments, processes, teams, or verticals
  • Project Portfolio Management– Multiple changes have been made to EPM Live’s various planners including the online and agile planners to make scheduling and working with tasks simple including new drag and drop capabilities, resource management features, saving templates and importing.  Leverage EPM Live’s new configurable bubble chart to prioritize portfolios, projects and work
  • Resource Management– EPM Live’s resource planner and resource analyzer have been completely redesigned using HTML and JavaScript to make them cross browser compatible.  EPM Live’s new resource assignment planner allows managers to view all team work assignments against capacity while identifying potential conflicts in a new color grid.  Managers can adjust assignment conflicts within the planner and then publish back to the team.  New additions also include a new resource work vs. capacity report and a newly redesigned resource pool
  • Cost Management– EPM Live’s cost planner and cost analyzer have been redesigned to include a new ribbon with more intuitive controls.  EPM Live 4.3 also comes with new cost management reports.  For custom reports, you can simply edit them and upload them to your EPM Live site
  • Reporting– New dashboard features include new filtering capabilities allowing users to choose which lists and fields they want to filter.  Utilize the new report summary to quickly access all SQL Services Reports as well EPM Live views.  New reports include cost management, resource management and project portfolio management disciplines
  • Social Collaboration– Add the new comment stream and welcome web part to your EPM Live site to allow users to quickly ask questions and get answers as well as making your site more personable for the user
  • Productivity Features– EPM Live is all about productivity.  Leverage the new productivity features that allow teams to work easier and get more work done including type aheads for people and group lookups, associated item icons relevant to the item currently in view, advanced search features, and a new work log that allows users to add time to their timesheet directly from the item being worked on
  • Support Community– EPM Live has joined together all EPM Live communities to form a hub for all EPM Live support.  The new community includes forums, videos, documentation, training, knowledge base and other collaborative features that allow users to ask a question or submit ideas

Amongst these changes EPM Live has also launched the first full solution PPM work management app market leveraging build-to-order technology that extends Project Portfolio Management to all areas of the enterprise regardless of work focus. With EPM Live’s App Marketplace, an organization can add on additional line of business (LOB) applications with a simple click of a button without the need for another platform investment.  EPM Live apps come in many forms:

  • Single Apps-  Add a specific feature to your PPM and work management environment such as timesheets
  • Bundled Apps- Add multiple features/apps such as service requests that include a service request planner and service request task list
  • Site Apps- Add full solution apps (LOB apps) that include all the tools, disciplines and methodology you need to manage a specific type of work for a specific area of business including Sales, Operations, Application Teams, Product Development Teams, Service Teams and PMOs
  • Add On Apps- Add 3rd party apps from trusted EPM Live partners to add even more functionality to your EPM Live environment such as Newsgator, Yammer, HelpDesk OSP, SharePlus, Microsoft Project Professional, etc.
EPM Live 4.3 has already received rave reviews from industry critics. EMA Analyst firm already awarded EPM Live their Next Generation Visionary Award. SharePoint Guru, Joel Olsen called EPM Live “Enterprise Project and Work Management for the masses.” And Start2Cloud.com placed EPM Live in their top 4 PPM Cloud Applications noting “EPM Live is very nice and intuitive application, and we must say, we really like the way it has been reorganized, and that most of the features are included even from the lower versions.”