EPM Live’s Spooktacular Halloween

EPM Live employees are not the type of people to pass up on an opportunity to have fun which is exactly why we decided to host a surprise costume contest for our customers and partners who are at the EPM Live headquarters for a training boot camp.

Rumbling laughter could be heard coming from the EPMLU (EPM Live University) classroom as we all entered in our various costumes; some funny, some scary and some…well…just plain silly (aka “Fairy Jason”). Needless to say I think our boot campers were pretty entertained! Once our costume parade ended we all had the chance to mingle with each other. It was quite a treat to meet our customers and partners from around the world face-to-face.

After we all got aquatinted with each other the boot campers took their seats and voted for their favorite costumes; Best Costume, Scariest Costume and Funniest Costume. And the winners are…

  • Funniest Costume = The Biker from Wild Hogs 2, no not one, two! (EPM Live CEO)
  • Scariest Costume = Indian Zombie (Senior Software Engineer)
  • Best Costume = Scary Scarecrow (Chief Systems Architect)

Thanks again for all the laughs, there’s always one thing you can expect with this crowd – a good time! Halloween has come and gone but the pictures will live on forever 😀  Check them out here!