Extend Office 365 with the Powerful Capabilities of SharePoint Project Management

EPM Live is excited to announce our new integration with Office 365. Now users can combine EPM Live’s powerful online SharePoint Project and Work Management software with the Microsoft office tools they love.  

EPM Live’s Office 365 app allows users to easily extend the power of Office 365 with EPM Live’s robust online project management software. Leverage your favorite Microsoft office applications and take them to the next level by integrating project and work management capabilities. Increase user satisfaction and productivity by allowing resources to collaborate on projects and work from their system of choice. Since EPM Live offers SharePoint-based project and work management applications, integrating with Office 365 is a no-brainer. Leverage EPM Live to extend your Office 365 SharePoint sites via the cloud, to bring global portfolio and project visibility, work management, and issue management to completion.

EPM Live‘s Office 365 App Highlights:

  • Microsoft Office 365: Easily integrate any EPM Live app with an Office 365 SharePoint List 
  • Project and Portfolio Management: Increase communication and productivity by bringing critical project data directly into Office 365. This allows users to see exactly what’s being worked on, with immediate insight into progress or potential issues. 
  • User Defined Workflows: Easily configure workflows to systematically move critical project items from Office 365 into active Projects within EPM Live. 
  • Global Visibility: Users get access to real-time information on projects, including key milestones achieved, project cost, billing and status information directly in Office 365.


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