Extend SharePoint with WorkEngine's Cost Management Capabilities

For this blog post, I thought I’d share some “outside the box” ideas on how to extend your current SharePoint Project Management environment by adding the power of WorkEngine’s Cost Management capabilities.

For instance, imagine you are using SharePoint to manage your bids and proposals.  SharePoint offers a great enterprise content and collaboration platform to manage, collaborate and share complex RFQs with many suppliers and subcontractors. Throughout the purchasing lifecycle, organizations have activities that need to be managed for managing requisitions, bidding information, tender documents, RFQ, supplier responses, purchase orders and much more.  If you are familiar with WorkEngine’s Work Management capabilities, it’s easy to understand how it  will augment your SharePoint solution with visibility and tracking to all your work associated across multiple bids and proposals.

Now let’s take it a step further.  With WorkEngine’s Cost Management features, you can attach budgets, actuals, estimates, etc. on ANY SharePoint work item!  Even documents!    See how simple the mapping is in the screenshot below showing how Cost Management is enabled on various lists in your SharePoint environment:

By setting up the mapping, you can now see the Cost Planner appear on your Shared Document library below:

Cost Planner on Document Library


This is just one of many examples of how WorkEngine can extend your SharePoint enviornment to a full Project, Porfolio and Work Management solution mapping to your business specific needs.