Extend Microsoft Project into a Complete SharePoint Project and Work Management Application

Microsoft Project is a powerful application that many organizations have adopted and deployed to centralize and manage their project schedules. It has a robust back-end that allows the storing of enterprise resources, field attributes, field calculations, and more. Although Microsoft Project is a powerful solution, most organizations find that where there are projects, there is also other work that affects the same resources.  So how do Project users extend their project platform to include all other work that needs to be managed within the organization while also expanding the use to a broader audience allowing them to maximize their return on investment?  Leverage what you already own (SharePoint and Microsoft Project) and integrate with EPM Live’s project software for complete SharePoint project and work management. This integration allows organizations to take advantage of all the features Microsoft Project has to offer for schedule management, and tie it together nicely with a flexible SharePoint Project Management solution that enables them to manage not only their entire project lifecycle but all of their other work as well.  EPM Live combined with Microsoft Project’s technology caters to all users, all work and all processes making any Project deployment the most flexible and robust system available today.  In addition to task management for all work, you can also leverage many other project disciplines such as time management (timesheets), resource management, cost management, collaboration and business intelligence and expand those disciplines to all other areas of the business as well.  After all, the value of project management has been proven, why not extend that value to all work within your organization for maximized efficiency and productivity.  

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EPM Live was designed to leverage the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Project such as schedule management and extend the same value-driven concepts to all areas of the business whether it’s traditional projects or the other work that surrounds them, all within one centralized platform.  Microsoft Project users can maximize their return on investment and reduce cost and risk with minimal disruption to their existing processes by leveraging pre-configured SharePoint project management templates that best suit any project and work management need.  Project Managers continue to use Microsoft Project without any new training or change to their process. Directly accessible from EPM Live, teams can share all work assignments, priorities, and critical dates with an effective and easy to use collaboration tool, to increase communication and productivity across their projects. EPM Live’s project software enables organizations to work better together and allows Microsoft Project to reach a broader audience and meet the needs of the entire project team.    

In addition, different types of departments may manage their projects with varying methodologies using EPM Live’s pre-built applications.  Organizations accelerate their Microsoft Project deployments and augment Project’s enterprise project types, allowing them to scale to enterprise wide deployments. For example, Software Development Department may use SCRUM methodology whereas the Program Office Department may opt for PMBOK.

EPM Live allows teams to truly understand and manage all the work around a project. By connecting Project with EPM Live, organizations have the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of the project in one centralized location. Each EPM Live deployment comes complete with pre-built applications and a rich set of features and capabilities to help teams effectively monitor, manage, control and execute on all critical business items such as projects, issues, changes, and everyday work actions that impact their projects bottom line. Team members can easily view and update all their activities across projects within one view. Functional managers finally have the visibility to what their resources are working on including all activities, not just the assignments within the Microsoft Project schedule.   Teams can simply work better together with Microsoft Project and EPM Live.

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