• software-development

    Software Development

    Easily manage your projects using Agile iterative planning to effectively keep track of backlog tasks, user stories, bugs, etc.

  • app-changes

    Application Changes

    Implement a structured approach to app changes to ensure smooth implementation and that the lasting benefits of changes are achieved.

  • app-risk

    Application Risks

    Project cost and benefit data for projects per department can be easily viewed.

  • list-editor

    List Editor

    Use the list editor to update advanced field settings which are unavailable via the SharePoint user interface.

  • ideation


    Capture ideas from anyone and vote on the ones you like to turn them into real business value.

  • portfolio-engine

    Portfolio Engine

    Control portfolio costs and protect investmetns by selecting and managing the right work.

  • app-portfolio-management

    Application Portfolio Management

    Justify and measure the financial benefits of each application in comparison to the costs of maintenance and operations.

  • product-devlmnt

    New Product Development

    Synchronize strategic product planning, idea management and portfolio management to provide an end-to-end solution.

  • project-program

    Project Programs

    View, organize, and report on projects. Roll up status, budget, cost and other data to the program level for better visibility

  • project-backlog

    Project Backlog

    Track backlog tasks, user stories and bugs while managing your projects using Agile methodology, with iterative planning.

  • project-kanban

    Project Backlog Kanban

    Visualize the tasks that are ahead of you and quickly and easily assign them out. Know where each of the tasks falls within your project phase.

  • project-anouncments

    Project Announcements

    Create and view important announcements for projects that are linked to their applicable project for easy review.

  • project-requests

    Project Requests

    Monitor and approve project requests in one standard location. Add robustness with security and workflow.

  • project-department

    Project Departments

    Group and roll up project data to the department level for easy viewing of cost and benefit data at that level.

  • project-bugs

    Project Bugs

    Manage project-related bugs where each bug is linked to its applicable project, so teams and management can see their projects bugs easily.

  • project-status-report

    Project Status Reports

    Easily document, organize and share status reports with management and key stakeholders with the ability to specify owners and reporting dates.

  • project-imgs

    Project Images

    Upload and manage project-related images and enter metadata while associating them to their corresponding projects.

  • project-deliverable

    Project Deliverables

    Create and manage project-related deliverables, whether they are documents, products, results achieved, etc.

  • project-goals

    Project Goals

    Create and manage project-related Goals. Goals are named and can be associated to a corresponding project and owner.

  • project-links

    Project Links

    Maintain an organized list of all your project-related links. Each link can be given a display name that will show next to the link’s URL in the library.

  • project-accounts

    Project Accounts

    Manage key information about your accounts, and associate project(s) to the accounts. Run account reports to track details.

  • project-contacts

    Project Contacts

    Create and manage project-related contacts. Add/update each contact’s information for correspondence and other important details.

  • project-publisher

    Project Publisher

    Connect with Microsoft Project 2003, 2007 or 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 to make working together on projects easier.

  • shout-out

    Shout Outs

    Use the Shout Outs app to give praise and bring visibility and promote excellence within your company.

  • customr-relshnshp

    Customer Relationship Management

    Managing your sales team, process and pipeline from lead to sale. Won opportunities can be converted to projects.

  • service-request

    Service Requests

    Easily manage and track service requests, create a schedule for complex service requests that require multiple resources and view performance overviews.

  • IT-mangment

    IT Service Management

    Manage your IT help desk with processes modeled after the ITIL methodology.  Workflow utilization allows for easy escalation.