Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company Leverages WorkEngine to Build Custom Design for Lean Six Sigma Solution

This client had the need to implement a structured approach to deploy Design for Lean Six Sigma (DfLSS) across new product development (NPD) within their organization.  Leveraging WorkEngine, Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, EPM Live was able to help design, build and adapt this innovative approach to improve and standardize their new product development process.

This WorkEngine solution was intended to achieve an end-to-end deployment process that wouldsignificantly enhance the development of products and services that far exceeded other problem-solving and design approaches.
Six Sigma has been successfully applied to many industries and verticals to help solve business problems and improve product performance, processes, and services.  The concept of DfLSS pertains to delivering a product or service with the defined and intended functionality at the lowest cost and at the Six Sigma quality level.