Helping Teams Communicate More Effectively Using Comments

Every Project Manager and project team needs tools to communicate with and amongst the project team easily and efficiently.

The Comment thread acts like a simple discussion board to allow very quick, focused and accessible conversation on any particular Task, Issue, or document. Let’s explore the communication barriers that this Comment feature was designed to resolve.

Communication barriers with…

  • Email: the communication tool that was once revolutionary has become a burden in a lot of organizations. Conversation is restricted to the number of participants and the growing number of email communication makes finding information (that you know you have in there somewhere) a little more difficult.
  • Discussion threads: possibly focused, but not necessarily quick. These threads can become off-topic as they grow longer, and the conversation is not physically linked to a specific Task, Issue or Document on the Project.

Introducing: Comments!

Communication  is  more effective with…

  • Clarity/Focus – the Comment thread is literally attached to a specific Task, Issue, Document or other item. There is no mistaking what this comment thread is in reference to.
  • Quickness – the Comment box is a popup that you can type and post into with two clicks from the item drop-down menu.
  • Easy access for Commenters – viewing the Comments on an item is as easy as making a Comment. To accomodate the established business requirements for email alerts for everything, when you make a Comment, you are automatically added to the thread for notification of additional comments on the thread! So you can get back to an item’s Comment thread from a link in your Inbox if you’d like.
  • Accessibility to the entire project team – Anyone can view a Comment thread on an item that they can view. The Comment thread serves as a source of “documentation” on the item’s history.

Using Comments, you as the Project Manager can quickly communicate to your entire team an idea, request or update on any item in your project workspace. And for people who are new to your project, viewing the comments on newly assigned tasks, issues or documents will allow them to get up to speed on previous discussions, decisions and directions on Tasks, Issues and Documents on your project.

As a project team member, you can trust the Comment thread to be what you need to know about a re-assigned task, handed-across issue, or passed-down document, as well as a viable channel to reach out to your Project Manager and team with requests for help or input.

The beauty of the Comment thread is that it is collaborative information truly integrated as part of the project! We hope you agree that this design is much better than information hidden away in someone’s email box or data stored in an unrelated discussion post in another part of your worksapce that nobody knows about.

The Comment feature is available from the ribbon or the item drop-down menu in all EPM Live products!