How to Edit Time and Work Status in WorkEngine's #SharePoint Timesheets

​I have had several questions recently asking, “Why do we have to enter time and work status or work item meta data separately?”  This question is typically followed by a statement along the lines of “It seems so cumbersome.” or “It’s time consuming and frustrating.”.

My answer is always that “You don’t have to!”.

I’m guessing there are others out there with the same question so I felt that I should shed some light on the subject. You absolutely can edit work item status information and/or meta data such as % Complete, Start Date, Finish Date, etc., right from the WorkEngine timesheet! In fact, you should be! We are all about making life and collaboration much easier.

How you might ask? It’s simple:

1. Navigate to the “General Settings” page located in “List Settings” for the My Timesheet list. (List Settings -> General Settings)

2. Check the boxes for “Default to Edit Mode” and “Allow Edit Toggle” if they are not already checked.  Click Save button.

As long as the internal column names of the columns in the My Timesheet Lists are the same as the internal columns names of the Work Lists, you will be able to edit those columns in My Timesheet!

That’s it!  Simple.  Now you can add time to the work items and update the status and meta data all at the same time.  Also, when you save your timesheet the values you changed for the items is copied to the workspace where the items actually resides.    Pretty sweet huh?