How Waterfall and Agile Work Together at EPM Live

At EPM Live, we confront many of the same challenges our customers face in regards to managing all types of projects.  For example, we have a managed services division of the company that manages customer deployments using a traditional waterfall type of methodology.  This model supports defined stages and allows for thorough planning, logical design, implementation and deployment.

On the other front, we also have our product development department using an Agile approach to managing our product releases.  For those that are not familiar with Agile, we basically develop in short and frequent sprints or iterations by cutting down the “big picture” into puzzle size bits, and fitting them together when the time is right.  This allows our product team to focus on “the now” (what is currently happening) and take into account any feedback, shifts or changes that may occur and respond quickly.

Now, the challenge…  we were all working within our own WorkEngine product to manage these projects & products.  We needed to manage costs, time, resources and general work with varying schedule management needs.   Yes, we do “eat our own dog food”!  At the same time, we had customers looking for the same capabilities we were looking for internally!  There are many robust tools available to support the varying Agile software development methodologies.  However, they force customers to have separate platforms if you manage your projects with different methodologies.

Facing these challenges internally and listening to our customer feedback motivated us develop WorkEngine’s Agile Planner and Application Management templates to support using both waterfall and iterative planning within the same application.   We released our Agile Planner in June of 2010, and have continued to improve it with each release by taking feedback from our internal team, in addition to the valued input from our customers.  I won’t spill the beans on the new release, but we are continuously enhancing the product so that our customers can easily manage their projects using the tools that make the most sense to them!

On a side note, for more information about WorkEngine application development capabilities,  watch our webinar focused on TFS integration presented by one of our valuable partners OAG: