Ignite Revenue Growth by Combining CRM and Project Management Tools

In today’s social era customers have more choices than ever of products and software solutions to do business with. Leveraging the right tools to create a competitive edge is essential for continued success. By combining robust project management tools with powerful CRM capabilities, organizations are able to manage business initiatives while nurturing customer relationships.

EPM Live’s Salesforce App provides a powerful link between project data and customer information. Bringing all data into one centralized view, executives and sales personnel are now able to see all of their critical information from within Salesforce.com.  It provides sales teams the ability to communicate with project teams via the cloud to bring global portfolio and project visibility, work management, and issue management to fruition.  Project teams will be able to provide sales, marketing, customer success and executives with the information they need to close new business, increase customer satisfaction and fuel expansion within their pipeline.  In this process, all users will remain in their system of preference, working the way that makes them the most productive. With critical project data shared between the software systems, organizations can remove the gap often found between sales and service delivery organizations, and more systematically assure customer success.

Learn more about EPM Live’s Salesforce App in this short video.

EPM Live‘s Salesforce App Highlights: 

• Project and Portfolio Management:  Increase communication and productivity by bringing critical project data directly into Salesforce. This allows users to see exactly what’s being worked on, with immediate insight into progress or potential issues.

• User Defined Workflows:  Easily configure workflows to convert won opportunities from Salesforce into active Projects in EPM Live. 

• Global Visibility: Your sales team gets access to real-time information on customer projects, including key milestones achieved, project cost, billing and status information directly in Salesforce.

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