Implementing a Project Management and Social Collaboration Management System- Considerations and Benefits

Most organizations today looking to implement a Project Management and Social Collaboration Management System have identified numerous business specific challenges that need resolution.  Can a Project and Work Management solution address business challenges out-of-the box?  Absolutely; however, relying on a system to do all the work will only lead to tool resistance and frustration.  You must first understand the following:

  1. What are your biggest challenges/pain points you are looking to resolve with a Project and Work Management Solution?
  2. What are the strengths of the current Project and Work Management process and/or toolset?
  3. What are the weaknesses of the current Project and Work Management process and/or toolset?

With today’s technology it IS possible to implement a system with less effort and fewer costs than ever before, but the ability to do it successfully without the proper planning is highly unlikely.  As we have shown before in previous PM maturity discussions, in order to make the technology successful you must have a balanced combination of people, processes and technology in order to improve the business.

A successful Project and Work Management solution implementation begins with identifying and understanding clearly defined goals, carefully planning the strategy to obtain those goals, and a vision to complete the goals through controlled execution.  Most organizations are already performing a tactical run the business activities when a Project and Work Management system is introduced.  By introducing strategic planning into the mix you can expect to move into a new dimension of growth and profitability for an overall competitive advantage.

What benefits can you expect to see with a Project and Work Management Solution/System?
  • Better decision making capabilities– With proper visibility into your investments along with powerful PPM analytics tools such as portfolio modeling (what-if analysis) and capacity planning, managers will have the information they need to make more informed decisions.  Through execution, as changes are introduced to your environment, real-time impacts can be analyzed and addressed.
  • Process improvements– Functionality such as stage gating, portfolio optimization and resource negotiations will help improve internal processes by backing process with technology.  Methodologies and standards can be introduced as projects are selected enforcing best practice alignment.
  • Better business results– Planning your costs and resources up front will have a big impact on execution.  Forecasting your resources based on roles, skills and availability will help ensure you have the right resources on the right tasks at the right time.  Understanding the costs anticipated with all work prior to execution will help you identify potential budget risks now and adjust spend where needed.

To realize the benefits above and to get the most out of your Project and Work Management implementation, the following considerations should be reviewed:

  1. Alignment with defined objectives and goals
  2. Deployment complexity
  3. Cost- infrastructure, deployment and training
  4. Ease of use
  5. Scalability
  6. Time to market

Take a look at what EPM Live Project and Work Management solutions can do for your organization.  EPM Live has end-to-end PPM capabilities that will take you from strategic planning to tactical execution.  EPM Live is built on the SharePoint platform so it increases ROI for a tool that you most likely already own, protecting your investment and extending the platform from a simple content management system to a full project and work management platform.  SharePoint is intuitive and easy to use; those familiar with SharePoint will leverage the same technology to manage the EPM Live application, no new investment in expertise required.  Not only can EPM Live be used for Project and Work Management, but can also be expanded to product development teams (Agile) and IT service teams, making it the most flexible Project and Work Management system on the market.  EPM Live products can be consumed online or on premise.