Increase PPM Results by Implementing a Business-Driven Approach

Selecting the right PPM and work management tool is critical to on-going success of an organization. Spreadsheets and homegrown systems lack the framework, tools and reporting capabilities project software systems provide.

As a business executive, you are constantly challenged with managing and reporting on business initiatives. If you are not leveraging a project management software system, I would suspect you’re extremely busy chasing down status updates, compiling reports, and drumming up management support and organizational adoption.

With constant moving parts and remote teams executives need to analyze current processes and see if they can identify with the PPM excellence check list below.

  • Your project portfolio is completely aligned with corporate strategy.
  • You track portfolio level benefits using financial metrics validated by your CFO.
  • You routinely measure your contribution to the organization’s key performance indicators.
  • Your governance process supports periodic reviews to re-balance the portfolio.
  • Your PPM software is well adopted by project managers.

If the above PPM excellence check list doesn’t reflect your PMO/PPM reality, join us for this upcoming insightful webcast to learn how to create a top-down framework to establish portfolio management objectives, measure progress against those objectives and respond to the inevitable shifts in budget, priority and strategy. You may even come away convinced that a business-driven approach to PPM makes sense for your organization!

Supercharge PPM Results with a Business-Driven Approach

Thursday, September 19th

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