Jack in the Box Leverages EPM Live for PPM and Work Management

Carlsbad, CA, USA  –  September 20, 2012  EPM Live, the  leading PPM Work Management platform that revolutionizes the way organizations manage projects and work,  announced today that Jack in the Box, one of the nation’s largest hamburger chains, with more than 2,200 restaurants in 19 states, uses EPM Live’s PPM and Work Management software to reduce costs and improve maturity.  Click here to view case study video. 

EPM Live provided Jack in the Box with a solution that would allow Jack in the Box to address the following business challenges:

  • Multiple segregated systems were being used to manage projects.
  • There were multiple project management maturity levels within the organization.  Adoption was low and there was resistance to use the current system in place.  The current system in place only accommodated seasoned project managers at the highest level of maturity.
  • Project schedules were not integrated and were not available for global visibility.
  • Project communication was neither structured nor centralized.
  • Project requests were copied and pasted into toolset and received through multiple methods.
  • IT contracts and requests were difficult to submit, making IT services hard to obtain.

Leveraging EPM Live’s platform, Jack in the box replaced the current toolset that was too complex for the majority of the organization and implemented a tool to accommodate every user regardless of maturity. Users included those who managed projects with simple task lists (ex. HR), those who needed a simple online scheduling tool (project leads), those who were mature enough to use a scheduling engine such as MS Project (IT) and even those who needed to manage projects using an Agile approach/scheduling tool (NPD). The impact was significant. Jack in the Box had visibility into work across the entire organization and users were actually using the tool to give them a complete view of all of their portfolio investments. This resulted in more informed decision making and reduced the amount of dollars spent on redundant systems and duplicated effort.  The following business results were achieved:

  • Giving users an organized, process defined and standardized method of managing their work led to more productive resources allowing Jack in the Box to do more with less.  Jack in the Box saved resource hours and therefore reduced cost of getting more work done. Users now had a sense of ownership and accountability for the system because it was customized to meet the needs of every user.
  • Jack in the Box was able to consolidate all work and project data into one system, providing a cost saving foundation that would allow them to reduce the need for additional system expertise, reduce the need for multiple system maintenance, and reduce the amount that would need to be spent on excessive training commonly required to rollout a new PPM system.
  • Jack in the Box IT was able to provide services easily to its business owners increasing the value of IT. IT was able to help its business owners standardize processes within the tool and make best practices and successful projects repeatable. Project schedules were templatized and rolled up into master schedules for global visibility and dependency tracking.  Workspace templates included best practice documentation such as RACI charts, communication plans, scope document, requirement document, test document, evaluation matrix and final sign off.  Standardizing these processes and templates allowed Jack in the Box to focus on the work itself and not the means of getting the work done quickly and to quality standards.
  • Project requests were entered into the system and a project impact analysis calculation was generated to give the project portfolio steering committee insight into the overall impact the new initiative would have on current work. This eliminated the risks and costs of implementing the wrong projects or those that would provide minimal value to the organization.
  • Disciplines such as cost management and resource management were performed at various levels across the organization. A tool was in place that would allow Jack in the Box to work towards increasing their overall project management maturity without introducing unnecessary risks of moving up too quickly.
  • Out of box reports in addition to easily customized reports were leveraged to give every stakeholder the information they needed to react to continuous changes while reducing the impact of all resolutions.

“We will see great cost savings from deploying EPM Live across the organization. Implementing a multi-maturity level PPM tool will allow us to meet the needs of all stakeholders which will increase productivity and reduce overall costs across all Jack in the Box initiatives,” Jack in the Box IT Portal Development. 

EPM Live will continue to partner with innovative customers such as Jack in the box to streamline business processes and improve productivity.  EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs.   These innovative solutions include features such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration.  These features are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need. 

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