PMI-San Diego Chooses EPM Live Work Management Platform

PMI-San Diego is one of the largest local chapters of the PMI association. Founded in 1987, PMI-San Diego now has over 1,500 members and 1,000-plus credential holders. PMI-San Diego is widely known for their annual conference gathering industry leaders and professionals who want to gain knowledge, practical ideas and share techniques. PMI-San Diego’s annual Project Management conference attracts hundreds of industry professionals. This is the largest event PMI-San Diego plans and executes.

As their annual event continued to grow, PMI-San Diego identified a need for project software to better track historical data and centralizes all important details.  The conference committee is primarily made up of volunteers and in order to keep them engaged and actively participating, all the project and contact information needed to be easily accessible in one centralized platform.

Before leveraging EPM Live project software, PMI-San Diego event data was being stored in disparate work management tools such as Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets. Event contact records for volunteers, speakers and vendors were often inaccurate due to the data neither being centralized nor easily accessible. A lack of documented historical data and lessons learned resulted in time consuming rework, PMI-SD had no repeatable processes and the absence of a contingency plan. Collaboration and knowledge sharing was not efficient because documentation was neither centralized nor version controlled.

PMI-San Diego chose a QuickStart deployment putting them on an accelerated path to project management improvements. PMI-SD greatly benefitted from consolidating various systems to solely use the EPM Live project software. Able to leverage more comprehensive capabilities PMI-San Diego created global visibility for all conference committee members. Pertinent conference information is now posted to the sites homepage, also allowing users to create alerts to easily be notified of any changes. All volunteer contact information was centralized allowing the committee to always access accurate information. Workspaces were created to track and organize registration details, potential risks, tutorials, print media, marketing and other important event information. A critical part of PMI-San Diego’s system was to store detailed historical conference data. This allowed them to track, review and leverage different data to sustain the success of the annual PMI-San Diego Conference.

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