Your Toolkit for PPM Success

Empower your workforce through a simple yet powerful interface that allows organizations to manage their work and projects more efficiently.

Cost Management

Businesses today (and especially IT teams) face more pressure than ever to create a portfolio that maximizes return on investment (ROI). EPM Live supports this imperative by enabling you to define processes that standardize cost estimating and improve financial accuracy. With cost management from EPM Live, you can deliver projects within budget to maximize the forecasted financial benefits and ultimately determine project portfolio success. MORE>

Resource Management

Employees are your most valuable asset and biggest expense. EPM Live empowers you to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities, so you can optimize your return on human resource investments. With EPM Live, you can clearly understand which projects and types of work are consuming your top resources and realign your staffing plan based on changing priorities and budgets. MORE>

Project Scheduling

Scheduling plays a critical role in the success of your project, but too many portfolio and project management solutions limit you to one scheduling tool and method. With EPM Live, project managers and IT teams can use the scheduling technique of their choice, from KanBan to Agile to MS Project and more, without sacrificing powerful cost and resource management capabilities. You should choose your project management and scheduling system – your PPM software shouldn’t choose it for you. MORE>


Capturing accurate time spent on project and work items is critical for making informed business decisions, but many timesheet systems fail to live up to the task. Time management systems should not only capture time but also track progress, so project managers can gauge the overall effect actual time has on their initiatives. MORE>

Portfolio Modeling

When business-critical initiatives fall behind schedule or some new, unplanned requirement or event impacts the IT organization, how can you quickly and easily determine how to get it back on track? Portfolio Modeler from EPM Live provides a clear, accurate way to evaluate your options and choose the path with the least risk and best chance of a positive outcome. MORE>

Portfolio Optimization

With its Optimizer feature, EPM Live enables you to easily quantify and qualify which projects to accept within your specific criteria. You could enter, for instance, that you have a certain budget to spend next year and use the tool to determine how to allocate it. It simplifies project evaluation so you can make informed decisions about which projects deliver the most bang for your buck – and which come with the most risk. MORE>

Reporting & Dashboards

To successfully manage your work, costs, and resources, you must be able to clearly understand how teams and projects are performing – both at a macro level and in real time. EPM Live offers over 100 pre-configured reports and dashboards to do exactly that. With EPM Live, you’ll gain insight into real-time work status, view project charts and graphs for visual presentation of project performance, and use familiar tools like Excel and Access to export data to create simple customized project reports. MORE>


Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency. EPM Live offers a wide variety of ways to boost and streamline communication, including connections to your most critical business applications like Microsoft Outlook and built-in functionality including commenting, wikis, discussion boards, RSS feeds, notifications, calendaring, and more. MORE>