Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a continuous cycle that includes
identification, selection and management of a collection of projects that
align with both key performance drivers and strategic objectives. PPM allows
organizations to choose the right projects for the business by analyzing
demand against capacity, identifying optimal sequencing and ensuring all
business investment objectives are being met for the most profitable

Create Project Requests

Define, create and manage all project requests to better understand demand. Capture all requests including ideas, strategic projects, and operational work initiatives. Project requests contain built-in workflow for automated alerts and approvals. Seamlessly promote project requests to projects and create project sites to begin execution.

Portfolio Visibility

With visibility into real-time project investment status, it is possible to monitor progress in terms of actuals and forecasts on key dimensions such as cost, schedules, benefits, and risks and communicate status to all stakeholders. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business by reducing the complexity of managing multiple projects through improved portfolio visibility.

Portfolio Ideation and Selection

Capture and determine the right mix and sequencing of proposed projects and ideas to best achieve the organization’s overall goals. View various reports to evaluate which projects bring the most value to the business.

Portfolio Analytics Tools

Leverage portfolio analytics tools to make better decisions when selecting projects and work for execution. Gain real-time insight into rich analytics such as color-coded heat maps and portfolio modeling capabilities.

Portfolio Stage Gating and Workflow

PortfolioEngine allows you to optimize your business performance through pre-built workflow templates for approvals and stage gating. Streamline project approval through workflows to automatically initiate project execution. Easily customize your business processes to meet your approval needs.

Project Optimizer

Make better business decisions leveraging the EPM Live Project Optimizer App! The Project Optimizer app allows business decision makers to easily analyze project data to make informed No or Go decisions. Easily weigh resource and cost data to select the best project plan to ensure the right work is being executed providing the best value and highest ROI for your organization. Click here to learn more!

Demand Visibility

Demand takes many forms including large investment requests, simple project requests and large program requests, all vying for the same resources. Once you have visibility into all demand, you can classify, evaluate, and appropriately prioritize work to allocate resources to the highest value opportunities.

Standardized Templates and Forms

Capture key business drivers that matter most to the business by leveraging pre-built templates and forms for various project and work requests to standardize data capture and enforce consistency. Ensure strategic alignment by capturing data such as proposed benefits and ROI.

Workflow and Stage Gating

Streamline project and work requests by leveraging workflow and stage gating for automated approvals and stage gate promotions.

Centralized Demand Capture

Capture all proposals and request in one centralized location for a clean outlook of demand across the organization. PortfolioEngine’s flexibility allows for all work demand to be captured centrally despite potential variances in request types and metadata needs.

What-if Financial Modeling

Analyze your proposed portfolio against defined financial targets to determine alignment and overall financial impact. Compare defined budgets against proposed projects and make adjustments where needed.

What-if Resource Modeling

Define resource plans for proposed projects and work and analyze the plans against current resource capacity. Leverage intuitive color-coded heat maps to view over allocations and modify dates and sequencing to define the most optimal portfolio.

Resource and Financial Targets

Create resource and financial targets to represent current resource capacity and cost budgets. Compare targets against portfolio scenarios to analyze impacts and make informed decisions.