Compare and Evaluate the Best Projects for Your Budget

For IT organizations, projects requests almost always outpace what the budget can support. But it can be tough to put politics aside to determine which projects can – and should – be taken on given the available budget.

With its Optimizer feature, EPM Live enables you to easily quantify and qualify which projects to accept within your specific criteria. You could enter, for instance, that you have a certain budget to spend next year and use the tool to determine how to allocate it. It simplifies project evaluation so you can make informed decisions about which projects deliver the most bang for your buck – and which come with the most risk.

EPM Live Optimizer

Take Control of the Annual Budgeting Cycle

With the Optimizer from EPM Live, the PMO and senior management gain unprecedented visibility during the annual budgeting cycle and beyond. Optimizer lets you introduce your business-specific, customized factors for evaluation, such as a project’s likely ROI and weighted prioritization score, to compare and evaluate which projects deserve what level of resource commitment.

The Optimizer can also be used at any time, outside of annual budgeting, to re-evaluate the full IT project portfolio. This capability can play a critical role in success when major changes in available funding and resource availability occur.

Understand the Impact of Proposed Budget Changes

The Optimizer tool within EPM Live also allows you to evaluate theoretical or proposed changes, such as “What if we increase/decrease the total IT budget by $525,000 for the year?” The Optimizer will immediately show the impact of any changes on which projects are selected/unselected. The system also permits manually forcing a project to be selected, and enables you to save the various views and saved for further review or discussion with the team.