Maximize ROI and Improve Financial Accuracy with Powerful Cost Management

Businesses today (and especially IT teams) face more pressure than ever to create a portfolio that maximizes return on investment (ROI). EPM Live supports this imperative by enabling you to define processes that standardize cost estimating and improve financial accuracy. With cost management from EPM Live, you can deliver projects within budget to maximize the forecasted financial benefits and ultimately determine project portfolio success.

EPM Live Cost Analyzer

  • Model Budget and Resource Availability

    Evaluate alternative scenarios to meet budget and resource availability, so you can effectively make adjustments when a major project schedule slips. Introduce costs into the system manually, from other systems, or automatically using standard EPM Live functions to ensure your data is comprehensive and up-to-date.

  • Standardize Portfolio Financial Planning

    Standardize financial planning by leveraging pre-defined, configurable cost categories such as labor, hardware, software, overheads and contingency to easily plan your project budgets. EPM Live can address many types of costs, like preliminary and approved budgets, forecast costs, actuals, and benefits.

  • Increase Financial Visibility and Accountability

    Use unique roll-up components to aggregate all project cost data across your portfolio. Built-in cost dashboards provide key performance indicators to drive awareness of cost status.

  • Gain Insight with What-If Financial Modeling

    Analyze your proposed portfolio against defined financial targets to determine alignment and overall financial impact. Compare defined budgets against proposed projects and make adjustments where needed.

  • Add Sophisticated Financial Targeting

    Create financial targets to represent current cost budgets. Compare targets against portfolio scenarios to analyze impacts and make informed decisions. Reference color-coded heat maps to visualize impacts and make adjustments to reduce overages.

  • Access Preconfigured Cost Reports and Dashboards

    Gain instant access to vital cost data through out-of-the-box and customized views, graphs and reports. Real-time access to cost information increases responsiveness and promotes project success.

  • Benefit from Pre-Built Integrations with ERP and Financial Systems

    Extend and share the value of cost information through integration with third-party financial tools. Seamlessly share labor and other costs such as expenses and procurements for comprehensive cost management.