The roles involved when it comes to project management include: Project Managers, Resource Managers, Executives, and Team Members. This article covers how these roles work together in conjunction with top down project planning, which includes upfront strategic planning.

1. Project Manager

  • The Project Manager starts with creating a project item, enters project details, and builds a resource plan and/or a budget.

Note: The Resource Planner and the Cost Planner tools in this scenario are used to perform upfront strategic planning.

2. Executives

  • The Executives get involved by performing some analysis to help make business decisions.

3. Department Managers / Resource Managers

The Resource Managers participate by reviewing and managing resource allocation.

Note: In the Resource Pool, selecting the “My Resources” button will quickly filter the Resource Pool to only show resources from the department(s) for which that user is aDepartment Manager or Department Executive.

4. Project Managers

  • Once a Project Manager receives the green light to run with their project, they build the project team and the project schedule. It is in the project schedule where the Team Members will be assigned tasks. Once the project schedule is published, the Team Members will receive notifications and emails of the tasks assigned.

5. Team Members

  • After the Team Members receive notifications and emails of the tasks assigned, they begin to make updates to the tasks assigned and continue to collaborate.

6. All Roles

  • All roles may access reports with project information.