Optimize Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Human Resources

Employees are your most valuable asset and biggest expense. EPM Live empowers you to deploy employees effectively against often conflicting projects and other work priorities, so you can optimize your return on human resource investments. With EPM Live, you can clearly understand which projects and types of work are consuming your top resources and realign your staffing plan based on changing priorities and budgets.

EPM Live Resource Analyzer

  • Assign Resources to Any Work Item - Not Just Projects

    Assign resources to all work, both project-based and operational, and send automated notifications to alert resources of their assignments. Resources can status their work items from one location for increased productivity and enhanced usability.

  • Manage Assignments Dynamically with Resource Negotiations

    Bring sophisticated insight to any business by allowing project managers and resource (department) managers to collaboratively manage resource assignments via a data-driven negotiation process.

  • Look Ahead with What-If Resource Modeling

    Define resource plans for proposed projects and work, then analyze the plans against current resource capacity. Leverage intuitive color-coded heat maps to view over-allocations and modify dates and sequencing to define the most optimal portfolio.

  • View Resource Plans Across All Work

    Gain a true picture of resource capacity by combining resource workload on both project and non-project work in a single dynamic view. View resource workload across all work, view resource availability by time-phase, perform what-if analysis on resource workload and availability, and view resources by various attributes such as department, skill, and role.

  • Leverage Flexible Resource Management Tools

    Use online project planners, including MS Project, to easily populate resource plans. Leverage built-in resource management tools to view current workload prior to making resource decisions on new assignments.

  • Enhance Resource Capacity Planning

    Create resource capacity plans to get real-world insight into resource demand across all work. Estimate role-based resource hours to ensure the resource plan can be fulfilled given current resource workload and availability.

  • Match Resource Requirements and Availability

    Add resource requirements and compare resource availability to identify resource shortages and surpluses. Easily match available resources to resource requirements to ensure the right resources are assigned to the right work at the right time.

  • Analyze Resources More Effectively

    View resource workload across all work, view resource availability by time-phase, perform what-if analysis on resource workload and availability, and group resources by attributes such as department, skill and role.

  • Measure Resource Management with Reporting and Dashboards

    Gain valuable insight into resource assignments with out-of-box resource reports. Run workload and availability reports to analyze resource data and performance. Create customized views and dashboards for business-specific resource reporting needs.