Connect People and Information with Robust Collaboration and Communication Features

Share knowledge and better collaborate with your work teams to increase productivity and efficiency. EPM Live offers a wide variety of ways to boost and streamline communication, including connections to your most critical business applications like Microsoft Outlook and built-in functionality including commenting, wikis, discussion boards, RSS feeds, notifications, calendaring, and more.

  • Create SharePoint Lists to Manage Issues, Risks, & Documents

    Collaborate on the items that make the biggest difference to your business: issues, risks, and documentation. Easily Build your own lists like “IT tickets” or “Bugs” using standard SharePoint functionality, then create your own workflows using built-in SharePoint tools.

  • Connect to Microsoft Outlook to Streamline Collaboration

    Easily connect your project discussion boards and task lists to MS Outlook for centralized collaboration, so you can read, reply and post information without ever having to leave your email.

  • Build Shared Calendars to Communicate Meetings, Events and Deadlines

    Keep key project dates and events organized in a shared calendar to keep teams informed. Stay up-to-date with changes by leveraging automatic reminders.

  • Share Project Files for Easy Access and Version Control

    Share project files with your team to keep information centrally located and ensure you are always working from the latest version.

  • Keep Teams Connected with Shared Contact Lists

    Create and share contact lists to keep project contact details updated, available and accessible. Eliminate communication barriers and make it easy for teams to stay connected.

  • Create Project Wikis to Collaborate More Effectively

    Create project wikis as a convenient way to collaborate on project information. Structure your wikis to collaborate on project items such as artifacts, updated status, meeting notes and discussions, then edit them directly via your web browser.

  • Increase Real-Time Collaboration with Project Discussion Boards

    Set up project discussion boards within your project workspace templates to share information, discuss project topics with your team, and increase real-time project collaboration.

  • Publish Alerts and Notifications With the Latest Updates

    Set up individual or team alerts and notifications to keep everyone automatically apprised of project updates and changes.

  • Post Announcements to Share Information Across the Team

    Publish announcements to share information with your team and keep everyone in sync on the latest news, project updates and important changes.

  • Add Comments on Any Item in the System

    Post a comment on any item in the system to centralize discussions and communicate effectively.

  • Keep Team Members Informed Through RSS Feeds

    Get critical project information automatically through RSS feeds to keep track of the latest news and blogs.