Take Timesheets to the Next Level with Premium Time Management

Capturing accurate time spent on project and work items is critical for making informed business decisions, but many timesheet systems fail to live up to the task. Time management systems should not only capture time but also track progress, so project managers can gauge the overall effect actual time has on their initiatives.

EPM Live gives you a single, intuitive time management tool that captures time and progress on any work item, including non-project or operational work, so you achieve more accurate business results.

  • Capture Time On Any Project or Work Item

    Capture time and attendance, overtime, non-project work, project work and leave in one system. Resources can easily enter time actuals within an intuitive, online, editable grid.

  • Enter Work Status (% Complete) and Time in a Single View

    Update status, such as % complete or remaining work, as well as actual time spent on all work items. Add comments if required to the department and/or project manager.

  • Align Timesheets with Your Work Structure

    Create multiple time categories (such as billable or non-billable hours) to manage and account for time that aligns with a specific corporate work structure. Categorize time to extend reporting and report on what matters most to the business.

  • Use Timesheet Workflows for Submissions and Approvals

    Streamline timesheet submission and approval processes by leveraging timesheet workflows. Comprehensive time management capabilities enables multi-level approvals and keeps approvers engaged with timesheet users through online comments and alerts.

  • Increase Visibility with Time Reports, Views and Dashboards

    Gain insight into what resources are working on and validate that teams are producing at full capacity through built-in time management views and reports. Review historical performance to improve accuracy of future estimates.

  • Integrate with Other Tools for Centralized Reporting

    Easily integrate with major LOB applications such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. Publish actual hours to other business systems and track time against work items from other common workforce systems.

  • Track Time Accurately On Any Work Item

    Understand the full effort associated with the execution of any work item by quickly logging time within the same status interface that team members use for managing day-to-day activities.