Project Management 2010- "I have seen the future!"

With the launch of WorkEngine 2010 comes a lot of excitement!  Over the last few years, EPM Live has committed to an aggressive roadmap to ensure our customers the best of the best in project and work management technology.  In order to meet these goals and stay on the critical path to innovation, we asked ourselves these key questions:

  • Question #1 – How can we offer a cost effective solution that will still meet all of the requirements for both small and large organizations while at the same time meeting the needs of the individual users to guarantee usability?
  • Question #2 – What are the current issues with Enterprise Project and Work Management Solutions on the market today that we can help resolve with our technology?
  • Question #3 – What makes these types of Enterprise systems out of reach for organizations and how can we make them available to everyone?
EPM Live has been in the consulting business for many years and we have seen and felt the pain points of organizations struggling to accomplish goals that are critical for reaching strategic objectives.  We wanted to do everything in our power to make those goals a reality.  In order to do so, we had to answer a few questions:
  • Answer #1 – Let’s build our solution on the fastest growing collaboration tool on the market, Microsoft SharePoint!  Not only can organizations get more out of their existing infrastructure investments but it’s easy to use, familiar, and flexible.  Now teams can leverage the WorkEngine applications built on SharePoint to meet any business need and get up and running immediately!  EPM WorkEngine’s ability to integrate with Microsoft Project also allows users to manage schedules in a familiar tool and still allow complete work management by offering those who don’t use Microsoft Project a tool to collaborate, build lightweight schedules and manage all other work in the same system.
  • Answer #2 – Project and Work Management can be difficult already, why bring in additional complexity?  We didn’t have any desire to build a system that carries through all the current issues in the market today, we needed to resolve them.  In Enterprise systems today there are several common pain points: 1) If you implement a system for one area of the business such as a PMO, many times that same system can’t offer other teams or other areas of focus the same benefits.  2) Users will always vary.  You most likely don’t have a business where all employees are the same personality type, the same level of PM maturity, are responsible for the same tasks and have the same expertise.  A system must be flexible and must accommodate all users.  3) Teams will always have different ways of managing their work, different methodologies, and different work in general.  Finding a tool that will do it all is almost an impossible task.  WorkEngine has resolved all of these common pain points by offering a solution that ensures each user a system that works the way they work.  Regardless of methodology, processes, areas of focus or complexity, WorkEngine has the solution for everyone all within a single platform.
  • Answer #3 – Any time you throw the word “Enterprise” into a solution, there could potentially be high costs involved.  Not only for the hardware, but software, training and licenses as well. It takes a lot of funding to build a solution that will work for the entire Enterprise….not anymore.  WorkEngine offers COST EFFECTIVE Project and Work Management to all organizations.  You can now manage your work more effectively than ever before.  We have solutions that will work for one Project Manager, small teams, and large organizations.  It is simply not out of reach for anyone.  With online models, on premise models and even hosted solutions, we cover the gamut for every need, every budget and every user.

As for the title of this blog…..well, as I mentioned earlier, we have a lot of excitement around WorkEngine 2010.  Check out what one of our trusted WorkEngine Partners has to say about WorkEngine 2010 at

EPM Live has also been positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT PPM, has won the award for Top 100 Tech Companies by Red Herring and has been named one of Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies for the 3rd year in a row!  It simply just keeps getting better!