EMA Next Generation Visionary Award


“EPM Live ranks among the top three offerings for functionality. Project management, ITSM/ITIL, and resource management all get high marks. The product tracks activities and configuration items, provides an integrated release calendar, and even supports Kanban-style visualization of work in progress (a cutting-edge feature). The vendor notes: ‘Our Resource Management capabilities not only cover the full spectrum of the discipline including forecasting, requirements building, matching, assigning, capacity, demand, what-if analysis, statusing and reporting, but also covers all work including services, products, applications, IT requests, etc.'”

Cost Advantage:

“For such a rich functionality, the product is inexpensive and a clear EMA Radar Value Leader.”

Vendor Strength:

“With 125 channel partnerships (the largest number reported) and an active application marketplace, EPM Live is expanding to a “more vertical focus to meet industry and domain needs to ‘projectize’ any business and all work across that business.” The large number of industry awards demonstrates further market credibility and EMA is glad to add to this list by awarding EPM Live the Next Generation Visionary award.”

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