“The EPM Live by EPM Live has the following capabilities related to collaboration:Dashboard, Email Integration, Forums, Issue Tracking, Messaging or instant messaging,MS Project Integration, RSS Feed, Team Calenders/Timelines and Wiki (a total of 9 different collaboration features, which is drastically more than the average for all Project Management). Having more features related to collaboration makes it easier for multiple project team members to work together toward completing the project at hand.”

“The EPM Live by EPM Live has the following resource management capabilities:Check in/Check out, Costs, Email Addresses, Groups, Import Resources,Materials/Supplies, Resource, Resource Details, Skill Sets and Time Sheets (a total of10 different resource management features, which is far more than the average for all Project Management).”

“The EPM Live can offer you technical support via the following channels: Blog, FAQs, Forum, General Support, Online Video Demo and Phone Customer Service (a total of 6 different technical support channels, which is 82.1% more than the average for all Project Management). More support channels means that you have more options for receiving help from EPM Live using and understanding your project management software.” 

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