Top Ten Reviews – Online Project Management

“This service is so flexible in every category, including its project management tools. You can see as much or as little information as you want to about a project’s timeline when you use EPMLive. Using the online Project Planner you can opt to look at a task list for the critical path, milestones, or a full Gantt chart when you need to see the big picture. The Gantt chart is fully interactive so if you need to change something you just alter the schedule in EPMLive and it will let everyone know about the changes.
The project budgeting tools allow for a great deal of flexibility, which we think users will like. You can use roll-up components and customized views to illustrate the bottom line in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

EPMLive reporting features make it easy to offer a status update to executives and others who are not directly involved in your project. Give them a look at the baseline or a risk/benefit analyzer, or anything else. There are many built-in reports to choose from, or you can create your own.

We like that you can add sub-projects to your main projects on EPMLive. They even have their own unique workspaces. These can help you stay organized at every level.

This service has a very familiar feel to it for anyone that has used any number of Microsoft applications. Even if you don’t have much experience with project management services, EPMLive will feel comfortable. The tools are organized in a logical way under six tabs – My Work, Project Center, Service Center, Work Center, Resource Center and Report Center. Everything is easy to find and we like that you can tag pages and use those tags to make notes to yourself or to your team. The Announcements and My Reminders spaces on the right side of the page also are handy. They make it practically impossible to lose track of the status of your projects.

If you get lost there are some great help options. EPMLive University offers learning catalogs, documentation, blogs, webinars, videos and more. Every screen we explored of this service also had a little green tab with the word “help” on it, which offers a nice lifeline.”  Top Ten Reviews