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5 Benefits of Agile

It’s considered the best methodology for web 2.0 tools like Twitter and Facebook. You guessed it; we’re talking about the agile methodology (aka agile mantra, agile development lifecycle etc.). Industry veterans say that it’s the best suited methodology for running … Read More

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Online Project Management Success – Critical Success Factors for your Next Project

Every organization has their own criteria for determining the success or failure of the project, the project manager, and the project team.  There really can’t be that many variations, but since the level of project oversight varies from company to … Read More

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The Resource Management Life Cycle- Effective Planning for Maximum Utilization

Employees are the most valuable asset and the biggest expense for most organizations. Any organization that fails to manage their resources to ensure that sufficient capacity is available, and that they are being assigned and managed efficiently, risks losing control … Read More

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EPM Live’s Spring 2014 Release is Here – Check It Out

Advanced social collaboration features, usability enhancements, animated reports and work management creativity take project management and social collaboration to new heights!

EPM Live continues to drive enterprise project & social work management value through innovation and cutting-edge features. Our new … Read More

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Sync Outlook and SharePoint With EPM Live for Effortless Project and Work Collaboration

SharePoint is the largest collaboration platform on the market today. With over 36 million users world wide, it no wonder most organizations choose SharePoint as their business application of choice. Savvy business leaders are leveraging project and work management companies … Read More

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Online Project and Work Management for the Future!

Wayne Gretsky was once asked if there was a secret to his success as a hockey player. He simply said: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it’s been.” 

This is why I love working … Read More

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EPM Live Launches Spring 2014 Release, Introducing latest milestone in Collaboration-based Social Project Management

Austin, TX, USA – June 18, 2014 Upland Software Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise work management applications, today announced the availability of the latest release of its EPM Live Application.  EPM Live is a leading application for enterprise … Read More

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Implementing a Project Management and Social Collaboration Management System- Considerations and Benefits

Most organizations today looking to implement a Project Management and Social Collaboration Management System have identified numerous business specific challenges that need resolution.  Can a Project and Work Management solution address business challenges out-of-the box?  Absolutely; however, relying on a … Read More

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EPM Live Named as Finalist for 2014 American Business Awards

Austin, TX, USA – May 22, 2014 - Upland Software, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise work management applications, today announced that its EPM Live product has been named as a Finalist in The 2014 American Business Awards.  EPM Read More

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Project Management Tools- 5 Steps to Resource Management

Implementing project management tools in a resource constrained environment is essential for PPM success.  So how do you ensure successful resource management within your SharePoint project management environment?  Simple, have a plan, and leverage best practices.  Following the resource management … Read More

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